People’s Power of the Western region participates in the Conference “The Commune as a real hope for the Future”

Lara, April 20, 2023 (Mincomunas Press) – This Thursday, for the second consecutive day in Barquisimeto, the Decolonial School “Commune or Nothing” delivered a master conference on “The Commune as a real hope for the future, as a way of life, equality and justice” to advance in the construction of the communal State.

Spokespersons from the different Communes of the states of Lara, Merida, Zulia, Barinas, Apure, Lara, Yaracuy, Portuguesa, and Falcon, received training from international speakers Ramon Grosfoguel, from Puerto Rico, and Katya Colmenares, from Mexico.

In this context, researcher Ramon Grosfoguel explained that Venezuela is living in a historic moment because it is the only country moving forward to develop the Communes.

“In many parts of the world, it is believed the Communes is a utopia. However, yesterday when I visited the El Maizal Commune in Lara state, I observed how that community took the lands for production, construction of schools, and cattle raising.”

The internationalist urged to study of the history of the Paris Commune and the Communes of Russia and China to take them as references and evaluate the mistakes that weakened those social movements.

Meanwhile, Professor Katya Colmenares stressed in her lecture that it is necessary to produce a new culture where the human being has a collective and humanist consciousness.

“We must build a new reality, a new mode of production where the individual thinks collectively and not individualistically. We must promote cultural transformation. Man must reinforce the values of unity, solidarity, and respect for nature and life on the planet.”

We cannot decree the communal. We built it.

For his part, the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, began his speech quoting the teacher Simon Rodriguez, who always had decolonial thoughts and was a decolonial man.

He pointed out that Lara State Decolonial School presents the Commune as a civilizing alternative to continue existing and living, “We must be conscious, we must not copy models of states but rather take the best of each one. We must strengthen the Bolivarian Revolution’s decolonial character”.

He insisted that “the communal is not decreed, it is built, it is generated, it is sown, it is cultivated, it is harvested. If we do not conceive a communal society, a society based on the communal, on the Communes. If we do not manage to change values. If we do not manage to interrelate and produce differently, any institution that arises from these human relations will not be communal”.

Finally, he acknowledged the high levels of organization and self-government of the Communes El Maizal and La Espada de Bolivar in Apure State. At the same time, he urged to work in unity with the four levels of government to promote and strengthen the economy for life.

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