April 13, 2002, marked a day of the Popular resurrection

Caracas, April 13, 2023 (Presidential Press Office) – Evoking the revolutionary conscience of Venezuelan men and women on April 11, 12, 13, and 14, 2002, President Nicolas Maduro assured that the organized people rescued the constitutional thread that the oligarchy tried to overthrow.

“I do not doubt that April 13 was a day marked by the light of God, it was a day of popular resurrection”.

In context, the President recalled that US Imperialism prepared, planned, executed, and financed the coup d’état of April 2002 against the beginning of a democratic, peaceful, and Bolivarian revolution.

In this sense, he highlighted that in 2002, the Revolution took the first steps to vindicate national dignity, rescue independence, and build a Homeland of justice, equality, and shared happiness, “a Bolivarian Homeland, by the hand of a unique and extraordinary leader such as our Commander Hugo Chavez.”

Likewise, he assured that the constituent process that began in 1999 “opened the path of a beautiful revolution, but the nefarious oligarchy did not rest for a second. At the service of their interests, they began to conspire from day one”.

He added that the US oligarchy promoted hate campaigns against Commander Chavez, besides promoting fear, lies, and manipulation among the Venezuelan people. At the same time, he exhorted to “tell and multiply the truth for the formation of future generations.”

Likewise, he recalled that the communities of Caracas “came down as a people united in a spiritual force. I do not doubt that April 13 was a day marked by the light of God”.

Finally, he insisted on recalling the history of the Venezuelan people “when in perfect civic-military union the political power and democracy recovered in those days of April 2002”.

“Long live the Homeland, long live the revolution of April 13, long live the civic-military union, long live the victory of April 13, 2002, a victory that arose from the conscience of the passion and love of a people,” concluded the Dignitary.

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