The Bolivarian University of the Communes delivers certificates to People’s Power spokespersons

Caracas, April 12, 2023 (Press UBC) – This Wednesday, took place the certificates delivery ceremony to the spokespersons of the Communal Organs for Well Living in: ” The People’s Power Organizational Process and the Relationship with the Habitat Transformation.”

Likewise, the public employees of the Ministry of Communes and Social Movements, as well as its affiliated entities, who participated in the political training courses received their certifications: “A Moment of Political Training with Chavez” and the Public Policy Training Program in: “Communal Perspectives and Information of the Observatory of Communal Indicators.”

The event occurred at the multipurpose hall of the Manuelita Saenz Communal Economy Center building and had the presence of the Vice Minister of the Communal Training System and Social Movements, and Rector of the Bolivarian University of the Communes, Richard Delgado. They highlighted the importance of the commitment and dedication of each present in their daily work. There were 115 certificates awarded.

The Bolivarian University for Communes (UBC) aims to develop projects and integral and advanced training, intellectual creation, technological development, innovation, counseling, and social linkage. Its strategic objectives are strengthening the National Education System, support, and lifelong integral education through links with different levels and modalities.

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