Minister Arreaza recalls the courage of the Venezuelan people after the coup d’état of April 2002

Caracas, April 11, 2023 (Press Mincomunas) – This Tuesday, April 11, on the 21st anniversary of the coup d’état perpetrated by the Venezuelan ultra-right against the legitimate government of Commander Hugo Chávez, the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, paid a well-deserved tribute to the martyrs of Puente Llaguno and to the heroic people who defended and managed to rescue the constitutional thread.

During the program broadcast by Radio Nacional de Venezuela, Minister Arreaza made relevant reflections on April 11, 12, and 13, 2002, stressing that “all the conflicts that have taken place, from the coup d’état to the blockade and the sanctions, are part of the same plot of the people defending their rights to self-government and a bourgeoisie that intends to dominate the people at any cost.”

He commented that they foresee these facts given the Constituent Assembly summoned by Commander Chavez to guarantee a new Venezuelan legal order and the laws drafted with the enabling powers.

“The oligarchy had to remove the Commander because his project for the country contemplated democratizing the rights in Venezuela, democratizing capital, housing, food, health.”

He recalled that although on April 11, the right-wing intended to take Miraflores Palace by assault, their real intention was to spill the blood of the martyrs who were demonstrating, to build a stor of lies, making it look as if the Chávez government was attacking the people.

“We saw how in 47 hours’ persecutions, raids, and deaths were registered. However, the Venezuelan Armed Forces and the people fulfilled their role and prevented the oligarchy from achieving its goal”.

Chavez did not resign.

Minister Arreaza referred that despite the media transmitting an alleged resignation of Commander Chavez, the people did not believe them. And, on April 12 and 13, they took to the streets to defend and demand the restitution of the President.

“From this spontaneous movement of the people, a People’s Power with a conscience is born, which organizes itself and creates the Communal Councils and the Communes,” he specified.

Minister Arreaza added that despite everything that has happened and the respective investigations, the government of Commander Chavez and now of President Nicolás Maduro have always been open to the call for peace and dialogue to achieve a society of equality and justice.

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