People’s Power of Miranda launches its Community Agenda 2023

Caracas, March 28, 2023 (Press Mincomunas) – On the occasion of the celebration of Francisco de Miranda’s 273rd anniversary, the People’s Power organized from Miranda State met in a Work Agenda, from the Military Air Base La Carlota, with the Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, along with Governor Hector Rodriguez, to outline their Community Agenda 2023 to continue with the construction of a Communal State throughout the country.

Minister Jorge Arreaza pointed out in his speech on the government’s four levels: “The national government, where the authorities are. At the state or regional level, with a whole team headed by the governor, in this case, Hector. The municipal level, where the mayors are, and the communal level, representing the People’s Power expressed in Communes and Communal Councils with their Committees and Citizens’ Assemblies”.

“One of the deviations of liberal democracy is that it considers that power does not reside in the people but in the rulers, but as our Constitution says in its article 5, power resides in the people, and we are to serve (…), communal self-government are tasks that the Communal Councils and Communes are capable of carrying out by themselves”.

The co-government is that which translates into the communal government with the national, state, and municipal governments in its different modalities and forms, indicating the communal authority, “and there we will be installing the Communal Cabinets of Services, Social and Security for now, later will come the Economic Communal Cabinet, all this based on collective learning.”

In economic matters, the Minister of Communes highlighted the importance of that economy must be for life. “We must generate the Communal Economic Circuits and shield them. We have generated initiatives with the Made in Commune brand to unify and protect the communal system and its self-sustainable economy, to reinvest the surplus into the social policies of the environment. We can do wonderful things from self-government from the five dimensions”.

In conclusion, the head of the Communes portfolio stressed the importance of working with the people. “The President is applying a management method with the levels of government, which gives us all a task, as Popular Power work jointly with the governor’s office in planning and consultation and together coordinates the task at all levels to add up adding wills.”

On his part, Governor Hector Rodriguez announced that the People’s Power organizes in five lines of work: “the first, the protagonist and participative democracy, as the essence of the project we defend; the second priority is the productive economy; the third focuses on social protection and the Missions of Commander Chávez; the fourth dimension is the right to the city and public services and the last dimension is security, where we have lowered the insecurity indexes by 90%”.

The Mayor added: “We have been discussing with the Communes within the framework of the blockade, and the Block of Communes selected within its priorities 14 issues in which the lack of resources cannot continue to be an excuse because if we act with intelligence, audacity, and creativity, we can advance much more.”

“The best way to govern not only for efficiency but for transparency is with the people because the money executed by the Communal Council is subject to the same administrative controls to which a mayor, governor or minister is subject to, but in addition to the administrative controls it is subject to a neighborhood control, that makes the people empowered and that is the right route,” Rodriguez added.

In this sense, Antonio Galindez, a communal spokesman from Miranda state, stated that there are 393 Communes established with their five spokesmen from the People’s Power “with an election system in which 146 thousand 689 people participated in all the assemblies of Miranda state; currently, we have 51 thousand 132 spokesmen elected in the state, where 64% of the spokesmen elected in the state are women, 21% are young people, and 16% are senior citizens”.

“This Agenda will reach all communities and will be the community action in the territory in all its dimensions. This is Chavez’s method, the People’s Power is the way,” indicated Galindez.

Finally, Francalys Aguilera, from the Santa Teresa Centro Commune, thanked the authorities for their participation and called to continue with the work and to participate and listen to the needs in the communities.

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