Lanceros de la Victoria Commune works to strengthen the Communal Economic Circuit of Breeding

Caracas, March 24, 2023 (Press Mincomunas) – The People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, met this Friday in a citizens’ assembly with spokespersons of the “Lanceros de la Victoria” Commune in the UD4 sector of the Caricuao parish, Caracas.

Vice Ministers Hernan Vargas of Communal Economy, Fernando Rodriguez of Communes and Social Movements, the councilman of the Libertador municipality, Jesus Garcia, and representatives of the People’s Power living in the community accompanied Minister Arreaza.

During the meeting, the Minister heard all the work developed by the spokespersons to advance in the Communal Economic Circuit of Breeding, the needs in this territory, and the possible solutions generated with the construction of the Concrete Action Agenda (ACA) and the Map of Solutions.

In this sense, the Minister encouraged them to build a government method where the people are in command and indicated that the organization and renewal of the Communal Councils and Communes are necessary.

“The Communal Council is a government in a determined territory, and they have their particular responsibilities, but there are also many responsibilities that are concurrent and based on the people’s capacity to organize, to mobilize and govern in the territory,” he affirmed.

“In this country, there are four levels of government: national, regional or state, municipal and communal, which in turn has the Commune and the Communal Council,” he added.

He also mentioned that they are working with three axes that synthesize what the Commune must generate: the economic axis, where an economy for life must prevail. Democracy enables legitimizing the spokespersons of the Communal Councils and Communes; and the system of popular government that must sit down, organize, and execute together with their resources.

“It is proven that the communal mechanism serves, is efficient, and generates happiness. We have to sow the Government policies in our communal government”, concluded Arreaza.

For his part, the councilman highlighted the progress achieved by the Lanceros de la Victoria Commune. “It is one of the vanguard Communes in terms of Communal planning. It has shown us that they have one of the best Concrete Action Agendas in Caracas. They have their critical knots and the solutions, where they would get to in the short, medium and long term, and they built the ACA of each public service, that makes the Commune maintain the programmatic unity,” he indicated.

Garcia called on the community spokespersons to participate in unity in each of the elections for the renewal of spokespersons and to continue supporting to alleviate the problems in the community.

Before the assembly with the producers, the Minister toured the Communal Fair Producing for Life, which takes place in the UD3, Caricuao parish, with the participation of Communes of the Capital District that offered textile products, school uniforms, agricultural products, animal protein, cleaning products, among others.

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