Community people commemorated the ten years of Chavez’s sowing in a cultural gala

Caracas, March 10, 2023 (Mincomunas Press) – This Friday, the People’s Power commemorated the 10th anniversary of the sowing of the Eternal Commander, Hugo Chavez, with poetry, dances, songs, drum presentations and reflections from representatives of the four levels of the Executive Power (national, regional, municipal and communal).

The Cultural Gala “Por las Comunas Paso Chavez” took place in the Communal Council La Libertad, Simon Bolivar Commune, in front of the Bolívar Square of the 23 de Enero Parish in Caracas.

Clemencia Linares, a spokeswoman of the Commune where the meeting took place, highlighted that Comandante Chávez said: “Commune or nothing! We must continue. There is no turning back. We will continue with the process and the struggle. I continue with this planning, this constancy, and this struggle for Chavez, whom I met in the State of Apure when he was walking along the green roads, working in the social struggle with the people. We organized ourselves following Chavez’s idea, constancy, and discipline.”

The People’s Power Minister for the Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, highlighted that the Simon Bolivar Commune and its 18 Communal Councils guard the 4F Mountain Barracks, where the mortal remains of Commander Chavez rest, and beyond, all the 23 de Enero Communes, the 87 Communes of Caracas, the 300 of Miranda and the 47 of La Guaira, this is what Chavez dreamed of!

He reiterated that the Commune is the heart of Commander Chavez’s socialist project, which must nurture the Homeland and make it healthy and impregnable. “Let us permanently validate our daily work with our struggle because President Maduro has insisted on the formula that Commander Chavez left us. Last year we were the fourth strategic line. This year, we are the third, and we are also transversal. They heroically believe in a communal society, communal democracy, and the State that emerges will be communal, the only viable one”, he affirmed.

Minister Ricardo Menendez, head of the Ministry and the sectorial Vice Presidency of Planning, pointed out that his detractors, who sought his death, “pretend that Commander Chavez is a past stage,” But his legacy is more present than ever and enumerated the challenges that the people have resisted and defeated since the physical departure of the revolutionary leader on March 5, 2013.

“The people of Bolivar and Chavez are the ones who have stopped US imperialism. We earned the right, the certainty of going for the future, of seeing the birth of the powerful country. The great legacy of Commander Chavez for the history of humanity is the bet for direct democracy. The Communal Councils are the epicenter of the new geometry of power for the revolutionary transformation of the State”, he stated.

Hector Rodriguez, Governor of Miranda, manifested that Chavez is a project in development. A multipolar world of socialism in the concrete in the territory. “There is no better way of government than with the people as protagonists in the whole cycle of politics, in the identification of problems, of solutions in the administration and control of resources; it is the most effective and efficient way to solve problems,” he emphasized.

Nahum Fernandez, head of the Government of the Capital District, expressed that “the Chavez of the comunes inspired this activity, which impregnated a great part of the population with conscience, which ceased to be a spectator people to become a protagonist actor in the front line of the different processes developed in the country.”

Finally, the Mayor of Caracas, Carmen Melendez, said: “here is the complete Government, united, working as one to bring solutions to each of the territories; it is the mandate of Commander Chávez in his Coup de Timon, Commune or nothing! We carry it in our hearts, where we all must comply with responsibility until the last moment”.

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