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El Panal 21 Commune shows its work as a Bolivarian premise during the world meeting honoring Commander Chavez

Caracas, March 3, 2023 (Mincomunas Press) During the World Meeting for the validity of Commander Hugo Chavez’s Bolivarian thought held from the 2nd to the 4th of this month at the Teresa Carreño Theater, social leader Barbara Martinez, member of the El Panal 21 Commune of 23 de Enero, in the capital city, presented the Chavist ideology in the life of the Communes.

The spokeswoman highlighted the commitment to continue building, from her space, Communal Councils and Communes, “as that horizon and the political, programmatic, revolutionary, and historical legacy left to us by Commander Hugo Chavez. And I know it has multiplied in a diverse multicolor from each of us committed to doing so.”

Chavez is integral, a whole that made that whirlwind become a single thing, alleged the community member. She added that “from our concept, it is important to reaffirm once again that Chavez tells us every day, questions us and asks us where is Socialism in everything we do, really that method as a questioning summons us to review ourselves and to have the co-responsibility of being in the historical time that forces us to understand President Nicolas Maduro, as a conductor of victories but that is not only the responsibility of him and his train of government, but it is the historical co-responsibility as a people.”

“Minister Jorge Arreaza said it in that political category,” argued the social fighter, “we stopped being inhabitants to be people because we assumed political consciousness by the very need that pushed us to understand, to study, to reflect. The Communes is the reflection of Commander Chavez in all his process of the Bolivarian Revolution, it is the result of what he supported, but today, we have the responsibility of those of us who make Communes in the territory with the great diversity that characterizes us, to continue reconfiguring, organizing ourselves, debating, building and launching programmatic lines, making government and transforming reality”.

Martinez urged the national and international guests to continue studying and reading: “Our studies are not merely to get an A-20 or to have a medal, because the man and woman who does not study is even an attempt against the project of the Revolution. We have to build knowledge according to our practices, and that is why it cannot be a practicality but a reflection that we are daring to transform in the territory. The Commune, then, is that practice of constant reflection of daring to make self-government, to see that in the Commune, there are no levels of malnutrition or school dropouts, that the modes of production and their forms do not lead to exploitation, and that the accumulation of wealth goes for the common good.”

Regarding the problems or needs that arise in the communal territories, the social leader stressed that we should not hide them, “we must talk about them and make a diagnosis in collective reflection. Some people like to make up the results, that is why the importance of the assembly method as a Chavista method, to give a timely and effective response from the different levels of participation, deciphering categories and methodological contributions offered by the Commune because there may be people who are not followers of the Bolivarian political process but, perhaps they can contribute ideas of collective interest”.

Regarding the spiritual, Barbara Martinez exhorted to the essence, the spirituality, and the internal capacity. We must understand that we must do it. We can do it. “Because if we do not believe it, we will not do it without succumbing to the media war or that capitalism means we will not be able to do it. We have to get ourselves together and motivate ourselves that the Commune is the space and soul of the socialist project and that we have to build in the territory with the people, not fulfill the task of a Ministry or whim. But as a fact and social demand, the Bolivarian Revolution demands it of us, and I know President Maduro is committed to it today.” Commune or nothing, we will win!

The world meeting honoring Commander Chavez counts with the participation of a diversity of personalities, intellectuals, social movements, People’s Power, culturists, activists, and national and international politicians supporting the Bolivarian Revolution.

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