Ministry of Communes and MST of Brazil forge a productive alliance for life

San Juan de Los Morros, Guarico state. February 28, 2023 (Press Mincomunas). – From the Alcaravan Technological Complex in Guarico state, people’s power spokespersons, producers, and small and medium cooperative members linked to the food sector in Venezuela exchanged experiences with rural workers of the Landless Movement of Brazil (MST) within the framework of the “Alliance for Life” cooperation program established together with the People’s Power Ministry for Communes and Social Movements.

A political-strategic union consolidated in 2014, pursuing the continuous improvement of organizational practices for production in both countries, promoting the articulation between peoples using appropriate technologies.

The People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, asserted that it is time to internationalize the struggle, but with responsibility and goals to guarantee life.

“Everything a government or a revolutionary movement does must promote life, not death, nor the concentration of powers,” said Arreaza. He also recalled that Alcaravan is an almost socially-owned company created to “help each other.”

The Minister highlighted that Venezuela’s economic recovery expands hand in hand with the People’s Power because it is present in all spaces, sectors, and processes to legitimize the government’s decisions.

“Most life decisions are planned by the community, from the Citizen Assembly of the Communal Council. The idea is that the people can develop with their capacities and with the support provided by the revolutionary institutions,” he added.

Productive chains

The Governor of Guárico State, José Manuel Vasquez, recalled that Alcaravan was born with the cooperatives, hand in hand with strategic alliances that little by little established their communication systems and technologies to improve the production processes together with the farmers, the reason for which the productive levels increased in the entity.

“You are today in the first cereal-producer state of the country along with Portuguesa, the first corn-producing state, in the first rice-producing state, one of the main producers in the poultry area, the fourth state producer of livestock,” he said.

The governor informed that rice production worked on represents almost 40% of the rice that Venezuelans will eat.

“It is not by chance that these strategic projects, in the combination of technologies, are in Guarico. Some people felt strange. We must adapt to the new times,” said Vasquez.

He also thanked the special guests of the MST. “This is the internationalist alliance, that you show us all your work development of participation of the struggle in the work of the field, and we can transmit our experience with what we have.”

“So that you carry the voice of all that is being done here and produced here, not for the growth of capital on the exploitation of man but for the development of our peoples,” he added.

Simone Magalhaes, from the MST, said it was a dream discussed since August 2022 with the governor. It was raised as an experience of joint work in 2005 between Commander Hugo Chavez and President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

“On cooperation, productive chains of corn, coffee, socializing in terms of technical experience and strengthening the bonds of solidarity and internationalism.”

Producers from the states of Miranda, Guarico, Barinas, and Merida informed Yeini Urdaneta, from the Che Guevara de Merida Commune, attended the event.

Urdaneta said that in the last few days, the MST comrades explained their organizational system and everything related to agrarian reform. On the Venezuelan side, how they built the technological system and the Sinco platform.

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