Sinco: a technological platform for the People’s Power direct and collective communication

Guarico, February 27, 2023 (Mincomunas Press) – This Monday in Guarico state, during the installation of the Cooperation Program Alliance to Produce Life between the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) of the Federative Republic of Brazil and the People’s Power Ministry for Communes and Social Movements, Guy Vernaez, Executive Director of the Federal Council of Government, presented the Sinco platform, a communal integration system whose primary actor is the People’s Power as a collective subject.

Vernaez stated that this platform works in Venezuela to simplify the Government and Communal Councils’ actions. “Sinco allows the base organizations of the People’s Power to integrate their community projects in a platform to verify them, support them and make them sustainable.”

He pointed out that this tool has the Bolivarian Government’s support to make the popular organization processes easier. It works with three main actors: governors, mayors, and Social Movements, among which the Communes and Communal Councils stand out.

He highlighted that Sinco arises for political reasons and has the People’s Power as its central axis to have new articulation and organization forms with the different institutions of the State.

“This new digital line avoids bureaucracy since it allows popular organizations to directly request to the Federal Council of Government, for example, the necessary resources to carry out the projects of their territory.”

He stated that more than 31 thousand organizations have collectively registered their projects on this platform, speeding up the procedures for the allocation of resources. “Sinco is a sovereign tool that promotes collective communication, not individual, and makes the Popular Power visible as the main axis of the Bolivarian Government,” he said.

He explained that this platform also intends to promote commercial exchange between popular organizations to acquire inputs or products such as corn and coffee without intermediaries and the intervention of private entities.

“It is time to empower ourselves with these technologies so that the MST of Brazil and the popular organizations of Venezuela can make these exchanges to achieve the real strengthening of the Popular Power,” he concluded.

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