Miranda: Ña Plácida Commune shows its experience in communal administration

Miranda, February 09, 2023 (Mincomunas Press) – The Vice Minister of Communes and Social Movements, Fernando Jose Rodriguez, together with spokespersons of the Ña Plácida Commune, in the Urdaneta municipality of the Bolivarian state of Miranda, visited to learn about its affirmative experience of communal management with the management of solid waste and gas.

“We learned about the different experiences in communal management carried out by the organized people to strengthen the People’s Power organic fabric in the territory, such as the work carried out with communal gas where the good distribution and self-management of the Commune prevails,” said the Vice-Minister during the visit with the People’s Power.

He also informed that the Ña Plácida Commune works with the municipal and regional governments to carry out this practice. At the same time, there was a follow-up on solid waste collection to learn about the organizational experience.

“It is praiseworthy to see the spokespersons of each Communal Council that makes up the Commune, how they organize and accompany the communities with the government instances to strengthen the management of public services in the municipality. It is an enriching experience for life. We continue building with the People’s Power to strengthen this self-government management system”, added the authority.

The Ministry for Communes and Social Movements, led by Minister Jorge Arreaza, is deployed throughout the country providing accompaniment and follow-up; from the national public power required by the People’s Power to systematize these experiences where it shows that our organized people through different mechanisms have been able to undertake and solve problems that arise in the territory.

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