Expo Gobierno 2023 Comunas

The Ministry of Communes shows the achievements of the People’s Power organized in Expo Government 2023

The People’s Power Ministry for Communes and Social Movements shows in its stand at the Expo Government 2023 the People’s Power organization in 49,183 Communal Councils and 3,641 Communes, in addition to 360,932 working committees renewed in 16,406 Communal Councils and 721,864 spokespersons legitimized to assume the management of government in the territory. These are part of the achievements in 24 years of the Bolivarian Revolution.

The exhibition, installed this Thursday at the Teresa Carreño Theater Cultural Complex in Caracas, includes the participation of all the institutions of the National Executive in a joint effort to show the significant advances that the administrations of Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro have had in the improvement of the quality of life of the Venezuelan people, in tune with the Bolivarian precept of offering the greatest amount of happiness possible.

Other achievements of the communal office reflected in 3,641 communes consulted in the debate for the transformation of laws of the People’s Power, which links to the 12 organic laws, approved, and three bills discussed within the framework of the objective of promoting, debating and enacting the People’s Power Laws System.

As regards the production of decent homes, the organized people have built 160,568 homes and benefited 642,272 people. The goal of integrating the youth in the development of the communities consolidates with 122,977 young people assisted through the Fundacion Jovenes de la Patria (Youth of the Homeland Foundation).

The Bolivarian Revolution is accountable to six branches of the Bolivarian University of the Communes to create a training system; 618 “Hugo Chavez” training centers, and 9,446,284 training sessions for spokespersons, spokesmen, and inhabitants, through the Communal Training System.

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