Mayors’ and governors’ offices executed 2,024 public service projects in 2022

Caracas, January 26, 2023 (Presidential Press Office) – During the Working Session with the Plenary of the Federal Council of Government to Refine the Plans and Strategies for National Development, headed by the Venezuelan Head of State, Nicolas Maduro, the Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodriguez said that more than 81% of the projects of governors’ and mayors’ offices took place in 2022, under the bimonthly and monthly modality, respectively.

Offering a retrospective view of the year 2022, compared to previous years, Rodriguez emphasized that the balance of 2022 is positive, as a result of the correct methodology used allowing adjusting the macroeconomic situation of Venezuela, the exchange stability in general of the year 2022, giving way for projects to be executed bimonthly in the case of the governorships and monthly in the case of the mayor’s offices.

“This led to the completion of more than 81% of these projects. Some governments concentrated on infrastructure, roads, electricity, and water. While other governments and mayors’ offices were assigned different areas for the execution of their projects.”

The Venezuelan high official emphasized that, in general, there was a procurement process of public services directing all these processes, which allowed the acquisition of lights, transformers, and water pumps. That is to say: “there was a direct intervention in essential services for the populations that resulted in a good execution.”

He also detailed the completion of more than 2 thousand 24 projects in 2022 and that 590 correspond to the governorships. This action added up the follow-up of the intervention areas, taking the 1×10 of Good Government’s work into account.

Rodriguez specified that, of the 590 projects, “33% were directed to roads, 26% to water, 24% to health, 11% to electricity and 3.5% to education”, all this merging the coordination of the national, regional, and local levels.

Regarding the municipalities, the Executive Vice-President outlined the completion of 1,494 projects, “concentrated in infrastructure, 33% in water, 30% in roads, 22% in electricity”, followed by the areas of “environment, transportation, and health.”

He emphasized that this work was achieved in coordination with the Ministry of Popular Power for the Communes with 950 projects approved, following up this office’s work with the plans presented directly by the People’s Power.

Rodriguez also outlined as a positive balance that the level of execution in the year 2022 was higher than in previous years, sustaining that these results translate the positive balance marking what will be in 2023 because, in 2022, it registered an institutional strengthening with 62 projects directed to the area of public services for the population.

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