Minister Arreaza said: The great challenge ahead of us is the State’s transformation

The People’s Power Minister for the Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, as interviewed in the program “Derecho de Palabra” conducted by Deputy Pedro Infante, first vice-president of the National Assembly (AN), affirmed this Tuesday that the great challenge ahead, based on the reforms to the People’s Power laws instructed by President Nicolas Maduro, “is to transform the State.”

He reiterated that the Communal Council is the government in its territorial scope and that with the laws’ adaptation: “We have to make the people have more power in praxis, to transfer power to them so they may overcome with their capacities, towards the communal self-government, all the difficulties, those created by imperialism to create the Venezuela of the 21st century daily”.

The Minister estimated that in the first months of the year, the National Assembly should approve the reforms of the first laws in the second discussion and that, as stated by President Maduro, there should be a parliamentary commission to control the actors that have to guarantee the compliance of these updated instruments, from the People’s Power to the Ministry for Communes and other ministries, “because otherwise, it would be a dead letter and a rhetorical debate.”

“It is important to build a system of People’s Government, from President Nicolas Maduro to the communal spokespersons (…) to gear the Executive Cabinet, in its different instances, to create a gear where the People’s Power is in the driving wheel,” insisted the head of the communal office.

Arreaza congratulated the NA for their work because: “They took President Nicolas Maduro’s instruction with a great opportunity to discuss the People’s Power laws and to correct, add and make a system, to give more power to the people.”

He summarized that they discussed fundamental laws, such as the laws of the Communal Councils, People’s Power, and Communal Economic System, because the socialism proposed by Commander Hugo Chavez and, consequently, by the Bolivarian Revolution is, above all, the socialism in the territory. It is “how to build a different society from my daily environment, and for that, we have to give power to the people, and that must be from the popular organization, from clear rules in the territory (…) to land all the policies of the Bolivarian Revolution in the territory”. ) to land all the government’s policies in the Communal Council and its different working committees.”

Mobilization in Barinas

Regarding the popular mobilization of this Monday in all the states of the country, on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the heroic deed of January 23, 1958, and against the sanctions, the blockade imposed by the US imperialism, the also member of the National Directorate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) pointed out that he participated in the march of Barinas, a demanding territory, with the Governorship in the hands of the opposition and people from Voluntad Popular in the government teams, “the legitimate demands of the education sectors have been used by the right-wing coup plotters to generate violence, turn on the country from Barinas.”

“Fortunately, yesterday the mobilization was significant, large, the revolutionary militancy responded, even the teacher Hugo de los Reyes Chavez joined. A sign of peace given by the Revolution yesterday throughout the country, our victory is peace!” expressed Minister Arreaza.

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