En Barinas Inaugurado Jardín de infancia Kikiriki

Opening of the Kikiriki Kindergarten in Barinas

Barinas, January 12, 2023 (Press MinComunas) – To improve the quality of life of the children of the Los Compadres sector, Libertad parish, Rojas municipality, in Barinas state, we inaugurated a project for the improvement and expansion of Preschool R1 type 1. The first stage is called Kikiriki Kindergarten.

It is an investment of 209 thousand 117 thousand 6.80 Bsf. On behalf of the Federal Council of Government, we built a classroom, equipped with paint, floor, and an acerolit roof, with grating and its proper electrification, which has furniture of 24 wooden chairs, four tables, four shelves, a small bed, a closet, and curtains.

The cultural opening ceremony of the Luis Monta Artistic Training School and the Don Tomas Perez Music School counted with the presence of Amalia Castro, head of the community; Maria Aparicio, head teacher of the Zone; Iruma Linares, Head of the Division of Children in Need; Desiret Contreras, president of the Legislative Council; Ciro Rodriguez, from the Federal Council of Government and the community of Los Compadres.

The head of the community, Amalia Castro, expressed her gratitude to the communal government and the state authorities for the execution of this work. “Thank you for this vote of confidence you place in a community by providing resources to achieve this dream, giving each one of us our grain of sand.”

In this sense, Ciro Rodriguez, CFG representative, acknowledged the People’s Power for carrying out this project: “It was not easy to choose 80 projects out of 300 presented by the community to carry out this classroom, and we thank Minister Jorge Arreaza for his support. It is an example at a national level that the People’s power organized is moving forward with agricultural and planting projects, among others. That is why we must organize ourselves more”.

Rodriguez called for the renewal of spokespersons, “the People’s Power is a force and a key for the planning of all the work committees.”

Finally, Professor Iruma Linares emphasized her gratitude to President Nicolas Maduro: “For giving us the lines of work that we have to take to all the localities where our children have this great benefit during their stay.

It is worth mentioning that the Kindergarten has a corridor with a rustic floor and a roof. The investment amount reached 50 meters of perimeter fence with alfajol and a playground with swings, horses, and a slide decorated with murals.

Being thoughtful about environmental awareness, the Kindergarten has banners for the environment and the purchase of two air conditioners and two filters with their air protectors.

We gave 50 aprons to the youngest children who will live in the Kikiriki Kindergarten.

As part of the social reason, we donated a computer to the local hospital to contribute to the improvement, management, and control of the sanatorium.

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