The Sabaneta Community Council Poblado 1 rehabilitates the Type II Rural Ambulatory in self-management

Barinas, December 22, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – This Thursday, the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, reopened the Type II Rural Ambulatory, rehabilitated by the Poblado 1 Communal Council, with resources granted by the Federal Council of Government.

The Minister took the opportunity to visit, with Alexander Camacho, the Mayor of the Alberto Arvelo Torrealba municipality, the Jose Gregorio Hernandez Integral Diagnostic Center. There they shared with spokespersons of the 12 Community Councils that received resources from the Federal Government Council to implement the same number of projects, 10 of which are in the health sector.

“170 thousand dollars were invested in these 12 projects. A private company could have financed just two projects with these resources. You manage to yield the resources, which is why this year the President [Nicolas Maduro] emphasized with his cabinet so that we trust the People’s Power,” highlighted Arreaza.

For the Minister, it is a source of pride that the People’s Power of Sabaneta de Barinas has developed ten health projects.

“They fully recovered IDCs, ambulances, and clinics. They planned and executed collectively, jointly with the Bolivarian Government’s support. Only the people save the people!” he highlighted on his social network Twitter @jaarreaza.

The Mayor stated: “The Federal Government Council provides our Communal Councils so that the organized people can develop projects to benefit these communities (…) Every day the People’s Power moves forward. It is the proof that Communes, Communal Councils, and the People’s Power organized is the way to the 21st-century socialism that Commander Chavez taught us”.

Dr. Angela Torres, the sole health authority in Barinas, thanked the People’s Power organized, the Communal Councils, the UBCH, and the Mayor’s Office, which has put a great effort into the health sector.

“I want to thank you for the support to the national public health system (…). Here you have a health team of men and women ready to attend to the population with love and give the best of us to improve the national health system”.

The People’s Power expresses its achievements

“Our ambulatory has great potential. We have a dental area that benefits us as a community and several communities adjacent to our sector. That is why we want to continue working to activate 100% of the dental area as we are doing with the general office,” expressed the community leader Eliana Vela.

Meanwhile, community leader Migdalia Guedez said: “We organized all this in less than 15 days. We do things with love. We already have air conditioners, inhalers, blood pressure monitors, glucometers, and wheelchairs. We purchased cleaning products, equipment for the power plant, medicines, and office stationery. The greatest achievement was the water issue, as it was in poor condition, but we achieved all these thanks to the IDC team”.

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