Minister Arreaza: The Commune is the purest embodiment of the principles of our Constitution

Caracas, November 30, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – This Tuesday, the Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, asserted as a project of superior organization and integration of the Venezuelan people, that the Commune enshrines the most elementary principles of the national Constitution as part of the public consultation process for the transformation of the People’s Power laws.

“The Commune is the purest concretion of the essential principles of our Constitution. The Sovereignty resides untransferable in the People. The participative and Protagonist Democracy. The Democratic and Social State of Law and Justice. Our irrevocable Independence,” pointed out the minister through his Twitter account @jaarreaza.

The Venezuelan Charter establishes in its Article 5 that “Sovereignty resides non-transferrable in the people, who exercise it directly in the ways provided for in this Constitution and in the law, and indirectly, through suffrage, by the bodies that exercise the Public Power.” And it adds that “The organs of the State emanate from the popular sovereignty and are subject to it.”

Therefore, the National Government’s impulse to the People’s Power expansion and consolidation in Venezuela is not only framed within the constitutional postulates. It also represents a full recognition of the Venezuelan people’s capacity to exercise self-government and self-management.

People’s Power Laws

Last October, during an event to commemorate the ten years of the Coup de Timon, President Nicolas Maduro ordered a review of the People’s Power laws compendium, looking forward to consolidating a new participation model of the communities.

“Those People’s Power laws were good, but we have another experience. We are in conditions to take hold of those laws to make a reengineering and make a revolution to simplify everything (…), apply the experience in a great consultation process”, he said on that occasion from the El Maizal Commune in the Simon Planas municipality of Lara state.

On October 26, the National Assembly installed a Special Commission for the Transformation of the Laws of the People’s Power in accordance with the guidelines of the Head of State.

This commission has held several sessions in an articulated work with the Ministry for Communes and Social Movements and initiated a national public consultation with community leaders so that the Venezuelan people may submit their proposals leading to the transformation of the laws of the People’s Power.

The consultation is being successfully carried out throughout the country, either online (on the home page of this ministerial body) or in person at communal assemblies.

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