Public consultation to transform the laws of the People’s Power is successfully progressing

Caracas, November 29, 2022 (MinComunas Press) – On Tuesday, Cesar Carrero, Vice-Minister of Participation and Communal and Social Organization, presented a balance of the activities developed across the country to compile the proposals to be submitted to the National Assembly (AN) for the People’s Power Laws reform as requested by President Nicolas Maduro.

During the program “Punto de Encuentro” broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, the Vice Minister detailed that within the national deployment of the public consultation, they have installed a national committee alongside the special commission of the National Assembly. This committee has prepared a schedule for the debate and the deployment throughout the nation’s territory. “We have all the teams in the territory and at the central level working and reviewing each one of the laws,” he stated.

Likewise, he stated that some laws have differences concerning others. “It is necessary to harmonize, review and adapt them to the new realities. It is a comprehensive review to see all these laws as a system of laws that seek to deepen and consolidate the People’s Power throughout the territory”.

The Vice Minister informed us that a technological platform is already available that enables a systematic organization of all the proposals formulated in the territory and for the proposals’ collection of the people. There are two ways: the digital way and the in-person generated by the Citizens’ Assemblies.

He called on the community to participate through the Ministry’s web page, where they will find the document guiding the debate and a link so they can fill out the form and generate proposals.

Spokespersons’ Renewal

On the other hand, he expressed that the Communal Councils’ renovation will enable to build a government in the territory. “With 49,000 Communal Councils existing at a national level, we set a goal of renewing 20,000. We are close to meeting it, we have a series of electoral fairs in the remainder of the year, and we are sure that we will reach that goal,” he pointed out.

Vice Minister Carrero pointed out that they have been working organized with the People’s Power of Las Tejerías, in Aragua state, with a plan dedicated to all the Communal Councils renewal.

“This Sunday, we had an election day with 23 Communal Councils that were renewed and added to 18 renewed. We are reaching 100% of the Community Councils renewed in Las Tejerías, respecting a little more the times where it was the most affected,” he added.

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