Public consultation with community members to reform laws of the People’s Power is moving forward

Caracas, November 25, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – “The objective of this historical moment is that we can truly conform to a revolutionary government system. From the main spokesman, who is President Nicolas Maduro, to the spokeswoman of the Communal Council”, assured the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, on Friday.

His statement came during his intervention in the Public Consultation Assembly for the Laws of the People’s Power transformation, held at the Amalivaca Commune headquarters in the Pinto Salinas sector, El Recreo parish of the Libertador municipality, alongside representatives of the National Assembly (AN).

He pointed out that this national consultation responds to an instruction of President Nicolás Maduro, issued within the 10th anniversary of the “Golpe de Timon” of Commander Hugo Chávez. He oriented that we must evaluate the laws from the practice “lived by the communards who build socialism in the territory” to “build there the system of government that provides us with the greatest amount of happiness possible.”

The head of Communes emphasized that they have been discussing what is truly strategic in the revolution. Recalling the world is watching the process developed in Venezuela as a reference for the future of humanity. Hence the importance of not failing.

“We must reform these laws in the coming months, but seize the law, comrade, and read it. Surely you know it, but review it and try to make criticisms and objections, and write them down,” urged Arreaza, who indicated that on the web page of the Ministry for the Communes, there is a form, law by law, which would facilitate the systematization work.

He specified the guideline from the National Executive on “simplifying the organizational structure of the Commune so that it is simpler and easier to make decisions.”

Likewise, he contextualized that the Communal Councils and the Commune are Constituent Powers but also Power Constituted because they are the State in the territory. That is the new State.

“Next year, after we revise and approve those laws, we have to meet thousands of times to see how we comply with each one of the letters of those laws. How none of them remains a dead letter, but a living letter, a resurrected letter, and we manage to build the people’s power,” he added before the beginning of the work tables for legal instrument revision.

The laws submitted to public consultation for their reform by the NA are the Organic Law of the People’s Power, Organic Law of Public and Popular Planning, Organic Law of Social Controllership, Organic Law of the Communal Economic System, Organic Law of the Communes, Organic Law of the Communal Councils, Law of Public Contracting, Organic Law of the Federal Council of Government, Law of Jurisdiction of the Justice of Peace, Law of Powers Transference and other Powers of the People’s Power, Law of Alternative and Popular Communication, Organic Law of the National Communal Parliament, Law of Social Production for Housing and Law of Cooperatives.

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