National promotion committee for public consultation to transform laws of the People’s Power installed

Caracas, November 23, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – Jorge Arreaza, Minister for Communes and Social Movements, installed the National Promotion Committee of public consultation to reform the laws of the People’s Power on Wednesday. Deputies who make up the special commission of the National Assembly in charge of this process and spokespersons of the organized people joined the installation.

At the ministerial body’s offices in Caracas, Arreaza stated that “all proposals must be systematized and structurally expressed and reflect the feeling from the grassroots, to move forward in the reform of the laws of the People’s Power.”

He pointed out that as part of the new era, President Maduro has requested the use of technologies for the debate and the contributions of the public consultation from the collective and the particular.

“Technologies will help us to systematize and capture the critical knots that the community members expose for the reform of the legal instruments,” he asserted.

The Minister emphasized in his speech that we must build socialism in the territory to make economic and political decisions with the neighbors, the schools, the families, the Communal Council, and the Commune. “We must build values and new production models with them to sustain the project. We must work with the constituted power, the Missions, and the System of Missions to create a new democracy”.

He emphasized the necessity of rescuing the Assembly of Citizens to activate the assembly spirit and that everyone should be part of the decision-making process to promote the projects of the territory.

Contributions to the Reform of the Laws

During the meeting, the Vice-Minister of Participation and Communal and Social Organization, Cesar Carrero, emphasized the importance of the spokespersons’ renewal and the debate of the public consultation, which will allow providing the inputs for the National Assembly through the Special Commission to discuss the contributions for the reform of the laws.

“At this moment, we have 120 people connected. 14 deputies, members of the Congress of the New Epoch, the Missions, women from the social movements, community men and women with successful experiences, as guests from Fudacomunal”, he specified.

Carrero assured that this round table is not, as President Maduro said, to make “little reforms” but to deepen the bases of the people’s organization and the participative and protagonist democracy.

In this regard, Deputy Pedro Infante explained that almost the entire National Assembly is active in all laws of the People’s Power revision and update. “The Organic Law of the Communal Councils was approved in first discussion (…), and many Communes are debating on the other laws to generate new public policies”.

On her part, the President of the Special Commission for the Transformation of the Laws of the People’s Power, Representative Blanca Eekhout, stated that it is in the Commune where the legacy of Commander Chavez is concrete. “At this table, we must debate the system of laws, and we have all the mechanisms to do so (…), we have already advanced, and we must adapt the set of laws to this moment we are living”.

Andy Fruto, a spokesman of the Presidential Block of Communes of Miranda, considered that “this great consultation is the perfect opportunity for the communards of the whole nation to go to the territorial assemblies (…). We have already held a great meeting at the Sucre municipality of Miranda state. We plan to visit the 371 Communes and all the communal parliaments”.

Representatives from all the country’s states under the videoconference modality attended the committee installation.

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