Minister Arreaza: The Communal Council is a revolutionary transformation of the State

Caracas, November 17, 2022 (Prensa MinComunas) – On Thursday, the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, affirmed that the constitution of the Communal Councils represents a revolutionary transformation of the State, where the people assume power.

In a speech he delivered during the course People’s Power and the Transformation of the State via videoconference, Arreaza emphasized that government agencies must work together with their dependencies in the territory, seeking the solution to the most felt needs of the population.

“The Communal Council is a revolutionary transformation of the State. It is constituent and constituted power because there is a self-management level of self-government in charge of solving the community problems through the production surpluses left. We need co-management, co-government with the revolutionary force in the constituted power,” he highlighted.

The Minister of Communes and Social Movements reiterated the importance of the people’s power’s different levels of government.

“It is in the Communal Council and the Communes where the social policies of the revolutionary State must land. Therefore, the importance of self-management, co-management, and social control, the popular government in the territory is always governing, as long as it organizes,” he stressed.

Regarding the New Epoch of Transition to Socialism, he asserted that, despite the aggressions and attacks against Venezuela, President Maduro asked to transform the revolutionary government definitively now more than ever. “It is already transformed. But we must democratize it completely because socialism is democracy.”

” The renewed Communal Councils in the territory must begin to set up working committees to provide answers to all the needs and problems in the community, with details to solve in self-management and co-management,” he said.

Minister Arreaza urged for true unity in the territory for the transformation of the State.

“That is why the importance of unity in the strategic, organizational, and programmatic aspects when defining the communal development plan and the Concrete Action Agenda. Everyone around that and to comply with it. We must work and do things well,” he added.

The Minister of Communes and Social Movements highlighted the importance of the training sessions organized by the People’s Power Ministry of Planning, increasingly adding more and more participants to empower themselves and have the fundamental tools to assume the government and the transformation of the State.

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