Minister Arreaza: Revision of laws of the People’s Power is a revolutionary act

Caracas, November 15, 2022 (Press MinComunas)-. On Tuesday, the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, asserted that the compendium of People’s Power laws revision is a revolutionary act that will produce a more democratic juridical system.

“These laws revisions are a revolutionary act that leads the People’s Power laws system, and the other laws of the Venezuelan legal system to incorporate the People’s Power. This will result in a substantially more democratic legal system that promotes communal self-management, general self-management, self-government, and co-government,” said Arreaza from the Miraflores Palace. During a presidential act on the occasion of the deployment launch for the public consultation towards the People’s Power laws’ transformation.

At the activity, led by President Nicolas Maduro, the ministerial authority asserted that there are general and complex laws. Some of them contradict other laws, and many of them are not even implemented.

Regarding the financing laws, the Minister acknowledged that “Banco Bicentenario is making a great effort,” But the rest of the state banking system must get involved and finance the communal power.

He pointed out that it is necessary to evaluate the property issue, salary, as the value of the work in a Social Production Company (EPS).

He emphasized that “from the praxis, the practice, the concrete reality, is that we can really transform the Law (….), our community men and women and those who live in the communal territory have to tell us what have been the obstacles that the law has presented to them and the barriers that with the law they have been able to break.”

Map of the relationship between laws

During the launch, Minister Arreaza proposed to make a map of the relationship between laws.

In this sense, he highlighted Deputy Julio Chavez’s recommendation based on work done in the Constituent Assembly. “We must incorporate all of them in a People’s Power Laws code and study if this is possible and how long it will take us.”

He assured me that all these proposals must submit to the consultation that starts today. They will be face-to-face in the territories, in the 3 thousand 641 Communes with their Communal Councils.

“This consultation will also be online. We already have the device ready so that through the Ministry of Communes’ page of the National Assembly […] every citizen living in the territory can give us their opinion and their proposals on the law to advance socialism in the territorial area,” he affirmed.

President Nicolas Maduro, on his part, urged to revolutionize all public policies and to transfer all resources to the People’s Power.

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