Venezuelan President hands over Leander Corn Processing Plant in Barinas

Barinas, October 20, 2022 (Press Min. Comunas) – The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, formally delivered the Leander Corn Processing Plant in Socopó, Barinas state.

The community members, duly organized and coordinated with State institutions, received the financing of 1.6 million bolivars through the Ministry of Food and Banco Bicentenario for the Plant operation and to put five storage silos into operation.

One of the spokespersons of the People’s Power present during the television program broadcast by VTV explained that the processing plant receives 500 thousand kilos of corn harvested in Barinas State per week.

Benefits in favor of the people

The “Red de Maiceros” spokesperson, Irene Estevez, from the Antonio José de Sucre municipality (Socopó), pointed out their presence at the processing plant as a support network to guarantee the supply of corn to the Leander plant.

Meanwhile, Rafael Garces, a worker at the processing plant, said that 35 workers make up the staff, made up of young people committed to staying and growing in the country.

Garces informed that the network joined forces with the People’s Power and the State to bring together spokespersons and producers from 9 communities, the corn growers’ network, and two representatives of the Bolivarian Mayor’s Office of Socopo to “take on the work of relaunching the Plant for the benefit of Barinas’ people.”

Finally, Carolina Gutierrez, a member of the Communal Economic Circuit of Corn in Barinas, explained that the Circuit has four municipalities associated with 2 Communes of the states of Lara and Portuguesa.

Ticoporo corn flour

Gutierrez pointed out that the corn flour produced is called Ticoporo.

“This flour will be distributed in the CLAP bags for our diners in each one of our state municipalities. It includes educational institutions, CDI, and hospitals,” he concluded.

During a television broadcast, President Nicolas Maduro ordered the transaction on the 10th anniversary of the Golpe de Timon (coup d’état).

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