The President requested a review and improvement of the governing laws of the People’s Power

Lara, October 20, 2022 (Presidential Press Office) – Head of State Nicolas Maduro requested the National Assembly (NA) to review and improve the laws to consolidate a new model of community participation to simplify the People’s Power organization processes.

From the El Maizal Commune, in the Simon Planas municipality, in Lara State, the President pointed out that ten years after Commander Chavez’s “Golpe de Timon,” there is a need to close a cycle of resistance, to face the blockade and the economic war and to start a new stage.

In this sense, he ratified that “the time has come to constitute the people’s power revival, a new stage to consolidate the material, spiritual, political, cultural and organizational basis for a significant expansion of the Communal Councils and the Communes.”

He insisted on the need to deepen into a great debate through the active participation of the communal councils and the popular movement to redo and perfect all the laws.

“We are ready to go to a new stage that I have called the new era of transition to socialism towards 2030. A new stage, the time has come to make a comprehensive, deep, impacting review of all the laws and all the infrastructure established in the People’s Power legislations in the National Assembly. I especially entrust comrade Jorge Arreaza with this presidential mandate that I am issuing”.

He instructed to review all public policies from the state, regional and municipal governments towards the communes. “What we are doing, what we are not doing, and what we must do from now on.”

Likewise, he recalled the importance of simplifying the participation mechanisms. “Those People’s Power laws were good, but we have another experience. We are in conditions to take hold of those laws to make a re-engineering and to make a revolution to simplify everything, to apply the experience in a great consultation process,” he added.

“Let’s go back to the source. I want immediate results as of tomorrow to advance in those two lines because they will determine the changes at all levels,” Maduro concluded.

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