The Head of State approved more than 46 million bolivars for projects of Communal Power

Lara, October 20, 2022 (Presidential Press) – This week, through the Federal Government Council, the Head of State approved 46 million 282 thousand 945 bolivars for 373 self-management projects of the Communal Power.

“Every penny we invest, that we inject in bolivars, Petros, dollars or yuan in the land, the communal members multiply them by 1000 in products, prosperity, and happiness,” stressed the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, from the “El Maizal” Commune, in Lara State.

The Head of State also instructed to rescue the national banking capacity “to advise and finance the economic projects of the communes and communal councils” to expand the socioeconomic initiatives of the Communal Power.

“Do they want to plant 1,000 hectares of corn? What do they need? Support, financing? We must guarantee it. Machinery? Guarantee it. Seeds? Guarantee them at the communal level,” he stressed.

He reiterated the need to set up a National Working Table “for the great legislative and State reforms towards the Communal Power,” which would gather the participation of the Executive, the National Assembly (NA), and the communal leaders.

“I want to be a revolutionary militant in this (National Working Table) addressing the concrete, the changes needed in Venezuela,” he said.

2023, the year of Communal Power

In the context of the 3R. NETS, the President predicted that 2023 will become “the greatest year of the Communal Power in Venezuela and that the creative powers of the people will sweep away any bureaucracy, delay, weakness or error.”

In this regard, he called on the communal leaders to adopt the 1X10 Good Government agenda as their own to solve pressing demands.

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