Ten years ago, Chavez delivered his Coup de Timon: ¡Comuna o nada! (Commune or nothing!)

Caracas, October 20, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – Ten years ago, during his last Ministerial Council (October 20, 2012), down in history as Golpe de Timon, after being reelected for a third term in the October 7 elections, then President Hugo Chavez outlined paths for a revolutionary praxis centered on empowering the people to be self-governed.

In a severe critical and self-critical tone, Commander Chavez led that day with a throughout revision of the revolutionary task. He stressed the construction of the Communes as the fundamental and transversal axis of the new economic and political organizational model that should be born from the bases, with people’s knowledge and capable of responding to their needs in their territory.

“Is the Commune only for the Ministry of Communes? I am going to have to eliminate the Ministry of Communes. I have thought about it several times, and why? Because many people believe that this ministry is the one in charge of the Communes. It is a serious mistake we are making. Let us not make it anymore”, Chavez ordered, meeting a decade ago with his Ministerial Cabinet.

Immediately, he addressed the then Executive Vice President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro Moros: “I entrust this to you as I would entrust my life to you: The Communes, the social law, and the justice state. There is a Law of Communes, of communal economy.

At this point, the Head of State called for a higher level of interaction, communication, coordination, and crossing of plans and diagnoses to solve problems of joint action. “We are nothing without integration in the vision of work. Without our actions in all this, we would hardly achieve it,” acknowledged Chavez.

The Commander conceived the construction of the communal State. In the new era of the Revolution, he oriented his Coup de Timon as a “network that goes like a gigantic spider web covering the territory of the new. Otherwise, is condemned to failure.”

“Everyone here has to do with this, everyone, from my person, the Presidency of the Republic; here around Miraflores, there should already be a Commune. All of us have to do with it; it is part of the soul of this project,” he emphasized.

An obligation

In his Twitter account @NicolasMaduro, the President indicated that “the Coup de Timon must govern our daily actions to analyze, review and rectify. It is not a slogan to remember a date, it is an obligation, a commitment with Commander Chávez”.

To continue to walk the path outlined by Hugo Chavez in that historic ministerial meeting, President Maduro announced on last May 20 the launching of the 1×10 Good Government system. A system supported by the Homeland Platform and the Ven App application seeks to empower people and solve their public service requirements.

“It is the construction of a new system of technological and human connection to address the real problems of the people, prioritize them, and have a real-time response,” stressed the Head of State on the new method of governance.

The President has insisted on the need for the organized people to be part of the Government’s management and for official institutions to work hand in hand with the People’s Power, represented in the Communal Councils and Communes, to attend to the priorities identified in the citizens’ assemblies.

Construction of communal self-government

The People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, recalled that in the Coup de Timon, Commander Hugo Chávez highlighted with greater force the need to incorporate the communal fact in the government management and the Bolivarian Revolution.

“President Maduro talks to us about the need to build communal self-government. It is a government that we have seen in the territory. Some Communes build their schools. There are Communal Councils that maintain their health centers and Communes that have means of production and generate resources”, he exemplified.

In tune with the new Government strategy, the Head of State set a goal for the renewal of the spokespersons of the Communal Councils. Regarding this task, the head of Communes reported this week that “we have renewed more than 10,000 Communal Councils. There are 22,000, and if we do not achieve this goal, it will be our responsibility, and this is how it should be estimated”.

“We have to enter into this cycle of renewal of the Communes, of the communal parliaments and all the work units of the Communes, and work on the Concrete Action Agendas (ACA) and the communal planning,” emphasized the Minister.

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