Guerreras de Tacarigua Commune in Carabobo assumes direct gas management

Carabobo, October 20, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – On Thursday, the Guerreras de Tacarigua Commune, in the Guacara municipality of Carabobo state, presented to the country its flagship direct gas project that will benefit more than 3,700 families in the area, marking the 10th anniversary of the Golpe de Timon (coup d’état).

This “project came to a standstill in 2007 due to unscrupulous businessmen and in the midst of the economic war and criminal sanctions of the North American empire, we decided to put on Chávez’s backpack and take up again the project of direct piped gas to benefit each one of the inhabitants of our Commune,” explained Alexis González, Commune Bank spokesman, during a televised broadcast with President Nicolas Maduro.

So far, 966 families in three communities have benefited with direct gas, and an additional 1,780 families in four communities are about to be benefited. By the first quarter of the year 2023 they estimate to benefit 972 families to add up to more than 3,700 families.

“And, day by day, with Chavez’s idea, we revalue ourselves with these projects”, said Gonzalez.

Other projects

Zurima Marcelino, Commune spokeswoman, expressed her gratitude for the work of the National Executive in taking the People’s Power into account nationwide to show their experiences, “and thus be able to inform the whole country of each one of the projects framed in the communal area. During the pandemic, our Commune created a respiratory ward, and we went from house to house with the doctors.”

“In addition to that, we joined Plan Z in conjunction with the State entities, where we provide our communities with shoes at solidarity prices. We also have our Community Collection Office, thanks to the transfer of competences, where we collect the single price of cleaning and we are granted 20% of the collection. This is allocated to works, medicines and technical aids to the communities,” emphasized the Carabobo community member.

The transference of competences regarding the maintenance of the wells was another successful project, in which the proceeds are invested in the community. Zurima Marcelino emphasized that ” this way we can solve 100% of the problems of the wells”.

They were accompanied by the Mayor of Guacara, Johan Castañeda, and the Vice-Minister of Communes and Social Movements, Fernando Rodriguez.

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