Miranda Communal Councils continue with the process of renewal of spokespersons

Miranda, September 25, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – This Sunday, the tour of the Miranda state continued to follow the renewal process of the spokespersons of the Communal Councils.

They visited the Community Councils Las Maravillas Centro, Agua de Dios, and Valle Verde in the Mamporal parish, Buroz municipality.

Genesis Guaicamacuto, a member of the Valle Verde community, called her compatriots to join this process: “I invite you to participate and move forward with the organization. We are the baton. The future of Venezuela is in our hands as young people.”

Likewise, the Agua de Dios sector also joined the activity. Community neighbor Maria Urdaneta declared that it is a crowded process and that this is the basis to benefit the community: “This is so that our Community Council can develop its projects.”

Meanwhile, Ana Rios, from Las Maravillas, stated that the People’s Power would be able to be at the forefront of solving the problems of her community. “It has been an important and protagonist day. We believe in the organization of the People’s Power”, she said.

Mayor Johan Castro congratulated the enthusiasm and participation of the people, highlighting the importance of this process in addition to the diagnosis of the problems, action plan, and solution of the same.

Jose Daniel Perez, director of Communes in Miranda state, from the Communal Council Maravillas del Centro, detailed that there are 4,133 Communal Councils in the entity that advance on this day of spokespersons renewal and that more than 66% have already complied with the process.

In addition, he reiterated: “A team of the People’s Power Ministry for the Communes and Social Movements deploys to accompany the Communal Councils in this great electoral party, in which the people decide because it is the People’s Power who carries out these processes.”

The head of this office, Jorge Arreaza, reiterated that the elections for the Communal Council spokesperson’s renewal are being carried out successfully throughout the country.

Once the election finishes, remember to register the results on the page and move forward to activate the Working Committees by area.

The Organic Law of the Communal Councils establishes in article 15 that the nominees for spokespersons for the Communal Councils must be Venezuelan, foreigner or foreign resident, and inhabitant of the community with at least one year of residence in the same. They must present the letter of nomination or written manifestation of the will, identifying name, surname, and identity card. Must be older than 15 years old, be registered in the electoral registry of the community, and have the capacity of collective work with disposition and time.

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