En Comunas Comparten experiencias del Poder Popular en Venezuela

Venezuelan People’s Power shared its experiences with the Honduran people

Caracas, September 21, 2022 (Prensa MinComunas) – On Wednesday, representatives of different popular organizations shared the experiences of the People’s Power in Venezuela with the Honduran people, during a videoconference organized by the Venezuelan Embassy in the Central American country, at the conference room of the Ministry of Communes and Social Movements, in Caracas.

Cesar Carrero, Vice Minister for Communal and Social Organization and Participation; Mayerlin Colmenarez, Director of International Affairs; and the Venezuelan Ambassador to Honduras, Margaud Godoy, attended the activity.

“It is difficult to understand in other latitudes that the Communes are an extension of the Bolivarian Government with its organizational structure, recognized by the State with the legal capacity to exercise, develop and have financial resources assigned by the government,” said Vice Minister Carrero.

The ministerial authority highlighted the organizational experience of the People’s Power in Venezuela, on the basis of which more than 49,000 Communal Councils and more than 3,600 Communes have been formed.

“Self-management is the configuration that shows that there is direct and active participation, and that complements the system of government consolidated,” added Vice Minister Carrero.

New methods

Barbara Martinez, a spokeswoman for the Caracas Socialist Commune El Panal 2021, pointed out that the People’s Power has new methods of incorporation, in spite of the siege of the US empire over Venezuela.

“The Communes are on the offensive. We are designing new formulas of communal economy, of exchange, of generating wealth to satisfy the needs, all with collective organization,” she asserted.

“We have learned to solve the problems presented to us and we have turned to the economical. We are trying with a new method, redesigning the logic of socialism because the revolution is made by the people”, added the spokesperson of the People’s Power.

Honduran experiences

Yierliz Fernandez, from the People’s Power delegation and liaison of the social movements of South America, expressed: “It is gratifying to be in these spaces of exchange going from theory to practice. We are aware that People’s Power is born from the people, that is why we have decided to build socialism in our spaces in spite of the dictatorship and we are struggling to achieve some ideas and objectives. And just like you, we are in struggle.”

For his part, Napoleon Valecillo highlighted the legal advances that are currently taking place in Honduras. “The Social Movements must interact because we come from various union and social spaces. We have the need to support the comrades of the Popular Power because the Commune represents the primordial power as social and political support of the Revolution. That is why we see the community projects that are successful, that is why we have to re-found the way of doing politics,” said Valecillo.

Marcio Zelaya, from Los Necios political organization, focused on the communication of People’s Power that Venezuela has achieved with the traditional media.

“In Honduras we have made a great effort with community radio stations and we have the facility of social networks to fight against the de facto media and create true People’s Power,” he added.

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