More than 7 thousand Communal Councils in the country have renewed their spokespersons

Caracas, September 21, 2022 (Press. MinComunas) – On Thursday, Cesar Carrero (Vice Minister for Communal and Social Organization and Participation) informed that more than 7 thousand Communal Councils renewed their spokespersons. They broadcasted this information during the “Logros de la Patria” (program hosted by Congressman Carlos Sierra on Tves).

According to the ministerial authority, many Communal Councils had expired after the war and the pandemic. For this reason, we are promoting the assembly spirit and leadership renewal. “The goal set by President Maduro is to renew 22 thousand Communal Councils this year 2022,” he said.

He recalled that the Communal Councils were born from the heat of the people, Urban Land Committees (CTU), organizations, and Water Technical Tables, where people in the territory looked forward to organizing themselves to articulate with the institutions and solve their needs.

“Commander Chavez was the one who shaped the Communal Councils. In 2010, he created the Laws of the People’s Power and made a leap towards what the Communes are”.

He explained that for the renewal process of the spokespersons, the Electoral Commission establishes a chronogram with dates for nominations, challenges, and elections to decide the Work Units and the Committees to be formed according to the territories’ realities of the Communal Councils.

He also clarified that once the Communal Council is elected, with the accompaniment of the CNE, the Ministry of Communes and Fundacomunal, the Electoral Commission of the Communal Council must register the results before the Ministry to request the recognition and digital certification of the act.

“Once they have fulfilled these steps, they must build the Map of Solutions and the Concrete Action Agenda (ACA) in a Citizens’ Assembly. They must prioritize the problems of the territory and establish the route of responsibilities assumed by the institutions and the communal organizations to solve the problems,” he added.

The articulation between the State and the Popular Power strengthened.

Vice Minister Carrero stated they had made progress regarding the articulation between the State and the People’s Power.

“This October 20 is the 10th anniversary of the Coup de Timon, where President Chavez reflected on how the State, and not only the Ministry of Communes, has responsibility and must focus on strengthening the People’s Power (…). Indeed, we saw how the government defined and installed specific spaces to articulate with the People. There is still a long way to go but part of the spirit of the 3R. Nets and the 1×10 of the Good Government have to do with that”.

He underlined that this articulation allowed the financing of some projects, which are uploaded through the Communal Integration System (Sinco) so that the Federal Council of Government (CFG) grants the resources for the execution of the commune works.

Finally, Vice Minister Carrero pointed out that they have the School for the People’s Power Empowerment and the University of the Communes to continue promoting the training process of all the popular organizations.

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