Bricomiles have recovered 1,342 schools in Caracas

Miranda, September 20, 2022 (Prensa Presidencial) – The Military Community Brigades for Health and Education (Bricomiles) recovered 1,342 schools in Caracas, reinforcing the combined work between the People’s Power and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB).

“We won’t rest until all the schools in Caracas recovered,” asserted Carmen Teresa Melendez, Mayor of the capital city at the Caricuao parish, where she led the delivery of the 100% recovered Argelia Laya Educational Unit.

President Nicolas Maduro led a working day from Valles del Tuy, where he valued how the Bricomiles represent an immediate positive consequence of the Good Government’s 1×10 system. He stated that the Bricomiles arrived in Caricuao to bring hope to all teachers, professors, and students who live in these educational centers.

“The Bricomiles are here to stay. This is the People’s Power and the military activated to offer the best educational and health care for the community,” said the Venezuelan Head of State.

President Maduro ratified the importance of structuring and establishing the Bricomiles. He called on institutions such as the Bolivarian Organization of Students (OBE) to join this idea.

The Venezuelan President emphasized the restart of the school year (on October 3) and recover of as many educational spaces as possible to continue working with the effort, and conviction of “organizing, uniting and adding up to succeed.”

In that sense, Rainer Pulido, Mayor of the Independencia municipality, informed that 15 institutions are under-recovery in the jurisdiction, thanks to the people-government mechanism of the Good Government 1×10.

The President also informed that there were 60 education centers attended in La Guaira state, which will benefit 85 thousand students who will have a victorious return with renovated education centers.

In this regard, President Maduro specified that it is necessary to “go and build” because the “Bricomiles arrived and will be permanent” to be part of the education areas nationwide.

“This is the true popular movement,” he asserted after reiterating that “every space must shine (…) we must recover the lighting, the asphalting, the CDI (Integral Diagnostic Center), all of them must shine. It belongs to everyone, and they must be in permanent operation.”

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