Piedemonte Andino Barines Commune presents its ACA in a citizen assembly with Minister Arreaza

Barinas, September 16, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – This Friday, in the Piedemonte Andino Barines Commune, Altamira de Caceres parish, Bolivar municipality, Barinas state, there was a Day of Love in Action Plan and a citizens’ assembly to socialize the Concrete Action Agenda (ACA). The People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, and authorities from other governmental institutions also attended the meeting.

Rosa Briceño, a spokeswoman for the Base of Missions and the Commune, explained that they developed assemblies in the 17 Communal Councils for the ACA. These assemblies identified and established three primary needs to address. Water (lack of aqueduct), health (deficiency in medical attention due to lack of supplies, deterioration of infrastructures), and electricity.

Minister Arreaza congratulated the work method used because it guarantees the solutions. He mentioned the usefulness of the Ven App application to report problems within the 1×10 Good Government method established by President Nicolas Maduro.

Spokeswoman Briceño proposed the construction of aqueducts through co-management, “institutions with the organized People’s Power working hand in hand.”

Minister Arreaza guided loading projects in the Communal Integration System of the Federal Council of Government to obtain financing, including an ambulance repair for the community.

Regarding the Day of Love in Action, Brandon Rivas, representative of the Food General Staff, explained that they are part of the social attention plan ordered by President Nicolas Maduro to assist the most vulnerable families affected by the economic war and the imperialist blockade.

“We have been doing organizational work in the area. We have been accompanying for more than a month in the construction of the step by step for the organizational quality of the sector, hand in hand with the System of Missions and Great Missions and the We Are Venezuela Movement; among other institutions of the Bolivarian Government present in the territory,” he added.

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