The country’s communal producers set a Creative Council to create a Communal Brand

Caracas, September 14, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – On Wednesday, at the installations of the People’s Power Ministry for Communes and Social Movements, in Caracas, the people established the Creative Council of the Communal Brand; to create guidelines to outline the design work for the brand and the seal of guarantee devices of the Communal Economy.

The working tables had the lead participation of the Communal Economic Circuits producers of the communal economic zones of the textile, sowing, and breeding plans of the states of Merida, Barinas, Portuguesa, Lara, Miranda, La Guaira, and the Capital District. They shared their experiences of how they have been working to guarantee production in their communities.

Oscar Vasquez, a member of the Organization Committee of the Creative Community of Utopix Promotion Council, in charge of the creation of the Communal Brand, stated: “We are working together with the Ministry of Communes in the Brand identity and commercialization process to create mechanisms and strategies for commercial communication. Today we are initiating work tables to provide creative guidelines for the brand’s creation and everything that has to do with the economy of the Communes.”

Hernan Vargas, Vice-Minister of Communal Economy, indicated: “We are in a workshop with producers of different items such as coffee, cocoa, corn, animal husbandry, among others, to start defining the communal brand’s image, launched as a reference that gathers all the production of the country.”

For the Vice Minister, the commune economy must respond to three fundamental funds: guarantee the productive model, support commune production and social reinvestment, where the Communes can sustain their plans with their economy through the Maps of Solutions and the Concrete Action Agendas (ACA), to guarantee the 1X10 of the Good Government in the territory.

Principles of the communal economy

The commune economy has three objectives: To increase the visibility of the economic role in the communities; To advance to a stage where all the economy produced is gathered to guarantee life in the community, and; To build a brand that is a management model in the hands of the Commune as an economic actor that is neither of the State nor the private sector.

For the producers, it is relevant to create this brand to ensure the population knows that it supports a production that reproduces life and a management model focused on fair redistribution, guaranteeing the means of production, supporting small producers, and covering the basic needs of a territory.

A collective voice

Gabriel Montilla, a spokesman of the Commune Breeding Plan Circuit of the Socialist Commune (Altagracia parish, Caracas), highlighted: “This meeting allows us to organically make visible a brand that carries the voice of all the producers in the Commune and teaches a lesson to the capitalist market.”

Jaqueline Rangel, from the Renacer de Chavez Communal Indirect Social Production Company, in the Cruz Paredes municipality, Barinas state, emphasized that: “The idea of having a Communal Brand is to promote the Communal Economic System and the Communes at a national level. So they can collectively decide because nothing should be individual.”

Yelitza Camargo, a representative of the productive zone of Cajuaticos, San Silvestre parish in Barinas state, emphasized that the main objective of creating a brand is to ditch intermediaries so that it is the producer who delivers the food to the consumer, generating a common welfare.

Made in revolution

The Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, closed the activity recognizing the work developed by all producers in the territory.

“The idea of the Communal Brand is that people when buying products, know that it is a communal product, made in revolution (…) People assume this is a flag of struggle, a way to defend our economy. We must protect our circuit because the capitalist market will try to break it. We must feel this as a struggle of the Commune”, he pointed out.

Minister Arreaza called for the continuation of creative participation, innovation, and concretion and to involve all sectors and President Nicolas Maduro; to be part of the Communal Brand selection process.

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