President Maduro approves projects to Paso de Vencedores Por El Socialismo de Carabobo Commune

Carabobo, September 13, 2022 (Press MinComunas) -On Tuesday, within the framework of the 9th Anniversary of the System of Missions and Great Missions, President Nicolas Maduro approved resources for various projects of the Commune Paso de Vencedores Por El Socialismo del Barrio Bicentenario, Carabobo state, in a new Journey of Good Communal Government.

The Head of State, along with Jorge Arreaza (People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements), Rafael Lacava (Governor of Carabobo State), heads of streets and the People’s Power; he approved resources to promote the projects of a micro gas filling plant, the water diversion of Caño La Yuca, the rehabilitation of the roofs of 2,400 houses, and the installation of a water treatment plant to distribute water in the 14 communities.

“In this Commune, I see the empowered people, exercising their leadership, with their Map of Solutions, Concrete Action Agenda, and their social cartography,” said President Maduro after touring the Paso de Vencedores Commune, which gathers 14 Communal Councils and more than 26,000 inhabitants.

He specified that the Commune is the structure that unites and gathers the Communal Councils of a region or zone to build territorial socialism, “grassroots socialism, people’s socialism, Venezuelan socialism.”

“What a beautiful thing to share with the People’s Power and see how it advances. Ricardo Menendez, Jorge Arreaza, you are the most responsible in the government of how the Communal Councils to advance, the Communal Power, which is the socialism in the territorial, it is Chavez’ invention,” he underlined.

Strengthening security in Valencia

During the Good Communal Government Day, they delivered uniforms, radio transmitters, handcuffs, ammunition, organic weapons, and 48 radio patrol units for the Carabobo state police force, also 85 patrols to reinforce the work of the Peace Quadrants.

“Our security method is the Peace Quadrants is the union of the neighbors, the community (…) all working with the people in community service.”

Likewise, a high-technology Drone Command Center was activated to monitor, have details of any criminal act, and sign the security procedures in the state.

They delivered the Socialist Mission’s dining room and base

As part of the Anniversary of the Missions and Great Missions, they also inaugurated the “Guerreros de la Montaña” School Dining Room and Food House in Ciudad Caribia, Capital District, and the “Los Gigantes de la Revolucion” Socialist Mission Base, in the Palo Negro sector of Aragua state.

On the same day, the head of state instructed Minister Jorge Marquez of the Presidential Office to visit Ciudad Caribia this Wednesday to deliver ten buses to meet the demand for transportation required by the community.

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