The Communal Councils of El Recreo parish update their spokespersonships

Caracas, September 11, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – This Sunday, the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, and his counterpart for Food, Carlos Leal Telleria, toured the parish of El Recreo, Libertador municipality of Caracas. The elections for the renewal of the spokespersons of six Communal Councils were held simultaneously, with the participation of the organized People’s Power.

The Community Councils accompanied by these authorities were: Bolivarianos de Bello Monte, Las Palmas, Trujillo A, and B Arena, Ezequiel Zamora, Brisas del Avila, and Simon Bolivar. The Bolivarianos de Bello Monte Communal Council, part of the Aponwuao Commune, elected for the first time its spokespersons with a participation of 44 nominees.

“We will elect the spokespersons for the first time. The 346 people who vote in the territorial area are in the electoral registry. It is a great unity achievement because they previously used this zone to carry out violent protests. Now they added to the Constitutional right and worked together with the Bolivarian Government guidelines in the popular organization. They must guarantee the improvements of all the public services,” expressed Massiel Chacil, nominated for the spokespersonship of Communal Economy.

The community leader explained that they have the task of carrying out social, political, economic, and cultural works to promote and be an example in the parish. “That is the work, not only to write the letters of residence,” she emphasized.

In the words of Nataly Lezama, parliamentarian of the Aponwao Commune, with this democratic process: “The dream of the Bolivarian Communal Council of Bello Monte is materializing. For all the communal men and women is gratitude because it adds to the struggle, the organization, and participation to achieve the transformation of the new State”.

During the tour, the head of the Office of Communes reiterated that the Communal Councils are the territorial government. Just as the mayor, the head [of government] of the Capital District, and the ministers.

“We are doing revolutionary democracy in Pinto Salinas, in the Libertador municipality; we are in the Communal Council Brisas del Avila, Amalivaca commune. We have toured the parish, and we have seen problems of creeks that gave way and sewage problems that must be put in the Concrete Action Agenda (ACA) so that it becomes the agenda of President Nicolas Maduro, the ministers, the mayor, and of everyone”.

At the same time, he acknowledged the work developed by the spokesmen and spokeswomen of the Communal Councils and Communes. “I thank these Communal Councils and the Communes for their great dedication and commitment. Everything is perfectly organized. I thank the National Electoral Council for its support. It is the democracy that Commander Chávez wanted us to build, and we are building it”.

Minister Arreaza pointed out that “the President has set a high goal: 22 thousand Community Councils renewed this year. I am sure that we will surpass it because the Commune is the most important thing”.

On his part, Minister Leal Telleria stated that: “We have come to accompany this beautiful and democratic process that is in all the communities and, especially in this point and circle, we are hand in hand with our people, always attentive to any circumstance, to continue strengthening and advancing in the solution of all the problems.”

The nominees and electors of the different Communal Councils expressed their gratitude. They called the communities to continue participating and promoting all the projects that generate well-being for the people, where it is the Popular Power who decides and looks for the solution to the problems for the self-government in each territory.

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