The Community Councils of the Rangel municipality of Merida build a Concrete Action Agenda

Merida, August 26, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – On Friday, spokespersons of the Paso de Bolivar Commune, in the Rangel municipality of Merida state, met with the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza. They presented their progress and construction projects of their Concrete Action Agenda.

The meeting was propitious to analyze the status of the renewal process of the spokespersons in their Communal Councils. On this matter, the spokeswoman of the Communal Council “Los Apios,” Irene Sanchez, pointed out that in her Commune, they have four Social Production Companies, two of which are updated and two are yet to be updated.

“Thank you, Minister Arreaza, because now we feel like a family. Now we know with whom we can talk about these issues because we are on the same tune”, said the spokeswoman.

Likewise, Gerardo Rivas, spokesman of the Paso de Chavez Commune, highlighted the agricultural work developed in the area, specifically that of planting potatoes by their own means, from which the community benefits.

According to Rivas, Merida State produces potatoes for the whole country.

Government in the territory

During the meeting, Minister Arreaza emphasized that the Communal Council and the Commune are instances of government that should articulate with President Nicolas Maduro to transfer the respective competencies to them.

Likewise, he said that the Concrete Action Agenda has to be the agenda in common with the People’s Power Ministries of the country to consolidate the self-government in the territory.

Minister Arreaza thanked the working, sowing, farming, and harvesting people in Merida. He also assured the people that “we are still in a war that has not passed, but from the Bolivarian Government, we are fighting together with the people in resistance.”

The governor of Merida State, Jehyson Guzman, also attended the meeting. In his speech, he emphasized that they must take charge of their responsibilities as community members. They must elaborate their agenda of tasks where the problems are raised and provide solutions alongside the national government.

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