The People’s Power of Carabobo has a diversity of potentialities for its development and production.

Carabobo, August 12, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – On Friday, the People’s Power of the Libertador municipality of Carabobo state held a meeting with the Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza. They presented its productive potential through its Communal Economic Circuits promotion and planning, its Map of Solutions, and its Concrete Action Agenda (ACA).

In this assembly with the spokespersons of the Communes of Libertador, in the historical Carabobo Field, Arreaza highlighted that the communal councils endured the most terrible war inflicted on the people and, despite this, they have a diversity of potentialities “and the most important thing is that they are planning with the ACA.”

“The Communal Council as a government cell must be socialist, and you are achieving your task (…) We must make a great effort, so our boys and girls want to be in the simulations of the Communal Councils, the Communes, and the Communal Cities as self-government. So that they take back the impulse to the value of what the Communal Homeland represents”, urged the Minister of Communes.

Regarding the five dimensions of socialism, political, social, territorial, economic, ethical, and moral, he emphasized that “if the Commune lacks productive support, it is not a Commune. Some Communes are building their schools and advancing towards the Communal Economic Circuit so their production won’t fall into the hands of capitalism.”

If from the Communal Economic Circuits can be created funds of the Communes or the Communal Cities for producers. Another is the productive economic ones to be destined to entrepreneurs, and another fund can be destined to the social to build the government of liberators we want,” emphasized the head of the Communes portfolios.

The Mayor of the Libertador Municipality, Oscar Orsini, indicated that as revolutionaries, the people of Carabobo have to “continue along the lines of Chavez and President Nicolas Maduro.”

“We are enabling the communal organization so people can build themselves,” he said.

The people of Carabobo are 100% productive

In that sense, Milagros Beracergil, parliamentarian of the “Tcnel. Julian Mellado Commune”, informed that in “the country’s central entity there are 2,261 Communal Councils; 973 of them have updated their spokespersons.

“We are currently trained for mapping and cartography because we are a state that contributes to the development of the country and works for hand in hand with the State institutions,” he stated.

Norkys Flores, spokeswoman and producer of the “Tierra de Libertadores Commune,” asserted that “we are integrated into this municipality more than a block of Communes but as brothers. We have a development proposal in six sectors in the agricultural and urban parts to consolidate the productive chaining. We have all the requirements because we are strategically located and have a vision beyond to achieve what this Revolution has to offer.”

Likewise, Leydis Rios, from the “Brisas del Campo Commune,” stated that their potential is human.

“We are committed and willing to move forward. That is why we are advancing in planning and training ourselves to become a Venezuela power”, she added.

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