Communal Councils have an automated system to facilitate the renewal of their spokespersons

Caracas, August 11, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – The Bolivarian Government, to speed up the process of renewal of the spokespersons of the Communal Councils throughout the country, created an automated digital system to formalize the registration before the People’s Power Ministry for Communes and Social Movements, without the need of intermediaries.

This assertion was made by the Vice Minister for Communal and Social Organization and Participation of the People’s Power Ministry for Communes and Social Movements, Cesar Carrero, during an interview on the program “Al Instante” hosted by journalist Esther Quiaro on Union Radio.

“This system has internal chat modules that allow attending in real time to the spokespersons, in case of presenting any difficulty to complete the registration process (…) The validation of the same no longer requires signatures or wet seals, only QR code scan to obtain the electronic certificate of the document that certifies the authenticity of the renewal of the Communal Council”, he explained.

He added that the Ministry for Communes and Social Movements is doing the accompaniment during the whole election process to reach the validation of the renewal after fulfilling a series of steps to consign certain documents.

“The promoters in each state also make an electronic certification to confirm that the uploaded documents are true and comply with the Law for the conformation of a Communal Council.”

He underlined that within the community, the different Units of the Communal Council, besides the Assembly of Citizens. Which is the highest decision-making body; and also has a Comptrollership level. “The declaration made before the system is the responsibility of the person carrying it (…), but at the same time, the Citizens’ Assembly must issue an act to validate it”.

Harmonization of the forces in the territory

He stated that one of the premises stated by both President Nicolas Maduro and the Minister for Communes, Jorge Arreaza, is the harmonization of the forces in the territory, which means that no Communal Council should be validated where they identify any disturbance.

“The people in their Assembly of Citizens must agree and validate the whole election process (…) When, for any reason, they notice that Mayors or any authority, from any political side, try to influence where the balance should incline in a Communal Council, we as a governing body must intervene as arbitrators to enforce what the law establishes”.

Once again, the Vice Minister emphasized that the Communal Councils are spaces where everyone has a place. They must promote processes so that in a democratic, participative, and protagonist manner, they define the people who will assume the responsibility of the different spokespersons.

He reaffirmed that the Ministry for Communes accompanies the Popular Power throughout this process. In addition to fulfilling its role as the articulator to create policies that directly connect the institutions with the different Working Committees of the Communal Councils.

1×10 of Good Governance strengthens the popular organization

Regarding the 1×10 Good Governance system, Deputy Minister Cesar Carrero stated that it strengthens the popular organization and generates a level of co-responsibility.

“We are working on the Map of Solutions construction and the Concrete Action Agenda (ACA) so that collectively in the Citizens’ Assembly, we can study and provide solutions to the various existing problems in the territory.”

The idea, he pointed out, is to map the potentialities that the community has, to carry out the pertinent works to materialize the projects hand in hand with the Federal Council of Government and the People’s Power.

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