President Maduro: the secret weapon of the Revolution is the People’s Power

Caracas, August 8, 2022 (Presidential Press Office) – As of the construction and strengthening of the 3R. Nets, the Congress of the New Epoch Venezuela 2022 summoned the social movements and the popular power to build and constitute a powerful socio-political and socio-cultural articulation that allows the consolidation of living and the happiness of the Venezuelan people.

It was announced by the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, during his participation in the plenary session of the Congress that gathered leaders of different local, regional, and national social and political movements.

From the Teresa Carreño Theater, located in Caracas, the Head of State highlighted the need to create “a powerful alliance to launch the opening of a new era of prosperity and happiness.”

“Movement and power, power and movement, those two virtues, those two characteristics, today we must collect them as part of the wonderful legacy that the Bolivarian Revolution has, shining, growing upright and victorious,” highlighted the Head of State.

In this sense, he urged Venezuelans to defend the Bolivarian Revolution with morality, conscience, and strength against imperialist pretensions. “Everything new brings a trajectory, always the new is continuity and change (…) Let us not allow ourselves to stagnate due to laziness, bureaucracy, comfort, paralyzing dogmatism”.

Likewise, he assured that the Venezuelan people maintained the organization and socio-political strategy in the streets to promote the flag of struggle.

“We have constantly nurtured with the truth, and with love the construction of a powerful popular movement, and a powerful popular power because we have had faith in the people. We have spoken the truth to the people in the face of any circumstance. To resist, and always endure with the truth,” he pointed out.

Finally, he reiterated the call to Venezuelan men and women to defend the Homeland against the enemies’ attempt to disturb the peace of the Republic. “The people and the working class must be ready to take to the streets to defend peace, stability, and truth, ready, prepared, and permanently mobilized. That is the order.”

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