Congress of the New Era unifies strategies of socio-political movements

Caracas, August 8, 2022 (Presidential Press Office) – To articulate strategies that consolidate the formation of social and political movements in the country, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro Moros, highlighted the unitary character of the Congress of the New Age Venezuela 2022.

From the Teresa Carreño Theater in Caracas, the Venezuelan President informed that “we have the proposal to incorporate 15 more social movements to the Congress, which would bring us to at least 58 social movements of national character incorporated, articulated and in permanent action from the Congress of the New Age.”

In this sense, he pointed out that the social movements “have a place in the Movement of the New Age. To bring their contributions, ideas, proposals, criticisms, self-criticisms, demands and to be incorporated with their capacity of power at local, regional and national levels.”

Likewise, he assured that Congress is a correct strategy that seeks to include social and political movements in the construction of articulating spaces. “Common spaces that have shown great success in the history of the Bolivarian Revolution of the XXI century, it was the strategic and geopolitical thought of Commander Hugo Chavez.”

In context, he added that Latin America and the Caribbean are entering a new phase that allows guaranteeing the rights of the “forgotten and historically exploited peoples.”

The socio-cultural Movement “Corazon Llanero” is born

Regarding the balance of the Congress of the New Epoch, the Dignitary announced the creation of the Cultural and Social Movement “Corazon Llanero,” which will allow the incorporation of cultural representatives to strengthen the singing of llanera music (folk music from the Venezuelan plains), as well as Venezuelan traditions.

“It is important what we are doing to consolidate this path of happiness and joy, hope and life (…) to articulate the strategy of popular government. The strategy of permanent protagonist participation. The strategy of advancing the socio-political and cultural diversity of the Homeland. Including everyone who wants to be included. We all fit here”, he concluded.

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