Ministries of Communes, Industries, and Science and Technology promote the Bread Thought Plan at a communal level

Caracas, August 5, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – On Thursday, during a meeting held by the Vice Ministers of Communal Economy and Small and Medium Industries and New Productive Forms, Hernan Vargas and Diana Castillo, with the team of the Ministry of Science and Technology responsible for this project, established the promotion of the Plan Pan Pensado (Bread at the communal level).

Their goal was to learn about the capacities of flour production with alternative components to wheat, such as cassava, ocumo, potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, beet, and yam, among other tubers.

According to Vice Minister Hernan Vargas, the main idea is to promote this experience at the community level and that the producers guarantee the harvesting of the tubers for dough production.

The authorities agreed to promote a pilot project to increase the production of alternative flours and to guarantee training processes for the production teams of some communal bakeries.

The Plan Pan Pensado is an initiative aimed at changing the imposed, dependent, and harmful consumption patterns for a healthy, safe and sovereign consumption, where People’s Power organized is the protagonist, guaranteeing production on the basis.

The authorities agreed on the importance of guaranteeing the national demands of gluten-free flour for later project exportation, achieved through awareness and organized work in the territory.

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