The organized people in Portuguesa are financed to promote commune production

Portuguesa, July 30, 2022 (Press MinComunas) On Saturday, the Bolivarian Government authorities and producers of the Bicentennial Year Commune in Portuguesa state held a meeting to restore the assembly spirit for the popular organization and the defense of the territory to promote the Communal Economic Circuits.

During the meeting, the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, announced, together with Governor Primitivo Cedeño, the delivery of financing to producers for the sowing of 320 hectares.

“Today in Portuguesa, through the Federal Council of Government, with a great effort from the President we are financing 320 hectares, with yellow corn and other items for the land; one is in Guanare, four in Guanarito, four in Ospino, and one in Santa Rosalia. We are working with Governor Primitivo Cedeño to guarantee the Communal Economic Circuit of this production and those coming from the Communes”, he said.

Minister Arreaza highlighted that the idea behind the creation of the Circuits is that all the products developed in the Communal Councils and Communes do not generate profits for capitalism. On the contrary, it guarantees the children’s feeding in the schools. It benefits the family in the Commune. It doesn’t divert to intermediaries, but the price and the fair profits are guaranteed to the communal man and woman so that they reinvest and advance towards the productive commune self-government.

“We are going to make a communal brand not only for agricultural products but several products, which will force the public sector to buy first the production of the communal brand to boost the people in their local production,” he informed.

In this sense, he proposed “to create a state planning table that will be a model for the rest of the country. To guarantee that the Communes are not only many but that they are with quality. To produce and generate happiness. To reproduce life and not capital and everything is within the justice, to coordinate and guarantee the Communal Economic Circuit, to break the surplus value and have the communal brand to protect everything produced in the Communes”.

Arreaza also highlighted that President Nicolas Maduro ordered the deployment of his teams to interact with the people in their bases, in the Communal Councils and the Communes, which are the essence of the Bolivarian Revolution.

On his part, Governor Primitivo Cedeño emphasized his commitment to the revolutionary process and the project of Commander Chavez. “In the work tables we will have in the Ministry of Communes, many plans will come out because we are married to the People’s Power. For this reason, we are willing to give them the necessary tools so that they continue developing.”

The regional president informed us that the Expo Portuguesa Productiva starts soon and there will be an exclusive area for the producers of the People’s Power and the entrepreneurs to show their productive capacities.

During Minister Arreaza’s visit to Portuguesa, the new headquarters of the People’s Power Ministry for Communes and Social Movements was inaugurated in the state to continue accompanying the communal people.

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