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The Bicentennial Commune of La Dolorita exhibits its productive potential

Miranda, July 13, 2022 (Press MinComunas) The Vice Minister for Community and Social Organization and Participation, Cesar Carrero, visited this Wednesday to the Bicentennial Commune, located at La Dolorita parish, Sucre municipality, Bolivarian state of Miranda, to learn about its productive potential.

The Bicentennial Commune has 15 producers organized and dedicated to communal production, which have a Communal Direct Social Production Company (EPSDC) for gas distribution with four years of working experience.

The Commune has nine Communal Councils, whose spokespersons have updated thanks to the support of the National Electoral Council (CNE).

The People’s Power carried out proposals identified in its Solutions Map and Concrete Action Agenda (ACA), where they prioritized the water issue, addressed through a work route establishment with the People’s Power Ministry for Water Services.

Vice-Minister Carrero informed that they made a tour of the plots of land where he could see firsthand the results obtained by the organized people in their planting model.

The plots of land have crops such as corn, banana, cassava, coffee, black beans, chili, beans, and lemons, among others. All of them are mainly considered to be included in the Distribution and Supply Plan of the Commune and commercialize the surplus with neighboring Communes at fair prices.

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