Palermo lanzan Plan Siembra Comunal 2022 en el estado Barinas

The Santa Rosalia Palermo Commune Launches Communal Planting Plan 2022 in Barinas

Barinas, July 9, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – To strengthen food sovereignty and the economic capacity of the People’s Power, the Communal Planting Plan 2022 was launched this Saturday in Barinas State; during an assembly in the Socialist Commune Santa Rosalia Palermo, located in the Corazon de Jesus parish, municipality of Barinas.

The People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, who led the activity, expressed that the National Executive, despite the aggression and blockades orchestrated by imperialism against the Venezuelan Homeland, continues delivering financing to the Communal Councils and productive Communes of the country.

“Today, the spokesmen and spokeswomen of the Communal Councils are receiving resources to sow, cultivate, harvest, and produce, not to deliver goods to the capitalist market that inflates costs, but to put them at the service of the people through the productive circuits.”

Promoting Communal Economic Circuits

Minister Arreaza highlighted the importance of promoting the Communal Economic Circuits from any sphere and gave as an example the sawmill El Renacer de Chavez; after organizing itself and renewing its spokespersons, its Commune activated its Communal Economic Circuit with three funds: one to cover the salaries and uniforms of the workers; another to finance the productive projects of the Commune and the municipality; and finally a third fund to attend and respond to the social issues that arise in the community.

“These funds are auditable, so that the community, the Popular Power, can know in what the resources are being invested (…) The bases must organize themselves with a conscience from the Citizens’ Assemblies so they can present their projects before the Federal Council of Government (CFG) or the Bicentennial Bank to obtain the necessary financing to promote carpentry projects, planting, or for social protection”.

Financing is delivered

In this sense, Alexander Gamboa, the spokesman of the Commune Vencedores de Agua Larga, thanked the National Executive and Minister Arreaza for the delivery of seven financings for different Communal Councils, thus responding to the requests of the people of Barinas.

“We must, as communal councils, retake the Assemblies of Citizens, as well as renew the spokespersons to continue receiving resources and plan ourselves the solutions to our needs through the Concrete Action Agenda (ACA), a tool given to us by the Revolution to advance in the construction of socialism and communal development.”

He pointed out that as a municipal block, they require the transfer of competencies to be directly in charge, with the financing they are receiving, of the cereal sowing to offer them later in the communal economic circuits.

Presentation of a communal plan

Asdrubal Barrios, the spokesman of the Communal Council Mi Vieja Punta Gorda, said that the Santa Rosalía de Palermo Commune, in the Corazon de Jesus parish, has as a strength its irrigation system, as well good lands, roads, equipment, and machinery.

Finally, community leader Carolina Gutierrez, from the La Chigüira Communal Council, spoke about the production of the Andean Axis. While spokesman Lenin Ojeda, from the Llanero Axis Circuit, explained that they have 19 Communal Councils and have the support of the Federal Council of Government, which has given them relevant resources to promote their production projects.

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