Three hundred and Seventy-nine projects of the organized Popular Power receive financing from the CFG

The Federal Government Council (CFG) concluded the delivery of financing certificates to the 379 projects approved throughout the country to Communal Councils and Communes. This way, the CFG leveraged the initiatives of the Popular Power linked to public services and socio-productive systems.

This allocation of resources corresponds to the 1×10 method of Good Governance. This measure was adopted by President Nicolas Maduro as a banner of his administration within the framework of the 3R. Nets (Resistance, Renaissance, Revolution).

The objective is to give power to the people through the financing of projects to communities that have organized themselves, defined their Concrete Action Agenda (ACA), and prioritized the search for a solution to one of their problems.

The greatest financial support goes to socio-productive projects, especially in the agricultural production systems category. While in the area of public services, projects in the areas of environment, culture, sports, education, electricity, integrated water management, walls, health, roads, and housing have been considered.

The Federal Council of Government is the body in charge of planning and coordinating policies and actions for the decentralization development process and powers transfer from the National Power to the states and municipalities. This Council can establish the guidelines to be applied to the processes of transfer of powers and attributions from the territorial entities to the grassroots organizations of the Popular Power

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