Progress in the communal economic coffee circuit in Lara state

The Vice Minister of Communal Economy, Hernan Vargas, held an assembly with the community members of El Tocuyo, Lara State, to advance in the planning of the communal economic circuit of coffee in the municipality of Moran.

In this meeting, they verified the economic map of local producers, to know the inventory and the resources they have. They defined the funds distribution mechanisms to leverage the different links of the circuit. They discussed the purchase of the harvest and the expansion of the processing capacity of the Municipal Coffee Cardenal Roastery.

At the same time, they agreed that a Commune will operate the circuit of this sector. The commune will be in charge of managing the resources and applying effective methods. This organization will be the executor of the entire communal circuit composed of eight Communes plus the Café Cardenal Coffee Roastery.

“It is possible to build a communal economic model focused on producing life. The funds to support communal production, social reinvestment, the planning table, the teams and tasks to continue advancing in the production of this first phase were approved,” explained the Vice Minister referring this meeting.

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