More than 6,850 Petros approved for housing of the Movement of Settlers

Fort Tiuna, Caracas – President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, authorized the disbursement of 6,858.36 Petros for the acquisition of materials for the construction of housing for the Movement of Settlers.

From Fort Tiuna, located in Caracas, he pointed out that the resources approved for the execution of housing “fulfill the word given to the Settlers’ Movement in last Tuesday’s meeting,” where the industrialization project called Prometeo, which aims the manufacture of construction supplies in the Pioneers’ camps, was submitted for evaluation.

The allocation of financial resources was made in the context of the delivery of the milestone 4 million 100 thousand of the Great Housing Mission Venezuela (GMVV), which contemplated simultaneous allocations of buildings in Falcon and Yaracuy.

In the “San Isidro” housing development, located in the municipality of Monseñor Iturriza in the state of Falcón, 72 families residing in high-risk areas due to the proximity of the El Tocuyo river received the first houses of a housing project of 138 buildings.

In this respect, the Governor of Falcon, Victor Clark, explained that “in the next few weeks, we will continue with the execution of the remaining 66 houses” in an area of 20 hectares.

On the other hand, 34 single-family houses, built under the self-construction method, were delivered in the “Diputado Humberto Silva” housing development, located in San Felipe, capital of the state of Yaracuy. In this sense, Governor Julio Leon Heredia pointed out that 60% of the 98,000 houses in Yaracuy “were built by the people’s power based on conscience and organization.”

In the Tomas Lander municipality, Miranda State, 120 families received the same number of houses in the “Lomas de Guadalupe” housing development, located in the parish of Ocumare del Tuy.

“The Great Housing Mission, the Great Neighborhood Enhancement Mission have been the Bolivarian Revolution’s answers to 40 years of exclusion, evictions, the commodification of housing, denial of housing as a human right”, emphasized the Dignitary.

Presidential Press

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