The national government attends to the proposals of the Roraima Force Pioneers’ Camp

On instructions from President Nicolas Maduro, Jorge Arreaza, People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, accompanied by Ildemaro Villarroel and Hipolito Abreu, his counterparts for Habitat and Housing and Industries and National Production, visited the Roraima Force Pioneers Camp, located in La Yaguara, Caracas, on Wednesday, to evaluate the recovery of its machinery for the construction of houses.

The inspection obeyed the head of state’s guidelines during his meeting with the Movement of Settlers in Miraflores on Tuesday. He ordered to link the construction issue with the industrialization plan of the neighborhoods throughout the country as a method of development.

Minister Arreaza announced from the pioneer camp that the Executive and Legislative Powers will evaluate the laws to facilitate the processes according to the priorities presented by the communities. “What is coming is a very coordinated work,” he asserted.

He encouraged the use of the VenApp application to report the problems that exist in the communities so that they can receive concrete answers to their requests in real-time, as part of the 1×10 of the Good Government.

The head of the Communes was informed of the upcoming activation of a new version of the Communal Integration System (Sinco) of the Federal Council of Government. This system will allow the registration of any movement and social organization so that they can have direct communication with the national government.

For his part, Minister Villarroel expressed President Maduro’s commitment to protecting the Venezuelan people and their right to housing.

Communal organization

During the visit, Minister Hipolito Abreu emphasized the need for organization and consolidating through the Movements of Settlers and Settlers, structures that allow them to develop their solutions.

“This indicates that we must generate organization through the basic principle of gathering machinery, workforces, structuring the development model we will develop. We must implement a mechanism for the formation of a housing production company for the Movement of Settlers, strengthened with the machinery they have so far that can provide services and develop it as a permanent fact,” he explained.

Spokespersons present proposals to achieve collective construction

During the meeting with the ministers to learn about the needs and potentialities of the camp, spokesman Jonathan Molina expressed that after the first meeting they had with President Nicolas Maduro, “today the action plan is being executed, to consolidate the assemblies with the organization.”

The organization’s spokepersons are requesting material support, and the repair of the machinery that protects the community. “We have the strength, drive, desire, and need to work and fight for our decent housing and to create a collectivity, where the new urbanism stands out, which is a multi-family urbanism that focuses on collective support,” indicated Molina.

Anibal Rojas, a member of the camp, added that the intention, besides building homes, is to build a community with values that bet on socialism, solidarity, and teamwork that serves to advance a dignified society for human beings.

The Movement of Pioneers Roraima Force is an organization that began in 2013 through the Movement of Settlers. Then began the political formation for the creation of the community where the fundamental for decision-making is the assembly of citizens.

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