Simon Bolivar Commune has a Communal Electoral System

Thanks to the effort and talent of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela students, the Simon Bolivar Commune of 23 de Enero (Caracas) made a presentation of the Electoral Commissions of the Communal Councils. The presentation focused on the Automated Electoral System that will be installed in their next election for the renewal of their spokespersons.

Cesar Carrero, Vice Minister for Communal and Social Organization and Participation of the Ministry for Communes and Social Movements, attended the activity and pointed out that the system “was developed by a work team of young men, women and students of the UBV. The system contemplates all the steps defined by law for the election of the spokesmen and spokeswomen, facilitating the work of the Electoral Commission enormously.”

The automatized system collects information of the people living in the Communal Council, indicated the Vice Minister. “From this data, the rest of the processes are carried out, the generation of the electoral notebook, the electoral roll and also the people can apply for the construction of the automated voting card for direct voting.”

This system has the support of the National Electoral Center (CNE), which will facilitate this process through the workshops currently held nationwide, with the advantage of this particular Commune will use the Communal Electoral System.

The election is scheduled for June 23rd, informed Vice Minister Carrero. “They are ecstatic because the ability of a group formed by four young people in the incorporation of tools will enhance the construction of the Popular Power,” he added.

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