Accompaniment and counseling in competencies transfer to the Communal Councils will be guaranteed.

This Tuesday, within the framework of the anniversary week of the Somos Venezuela Movement, the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, through the national video forum “The Territorialization of Power in Venezuela,” urged the promotion of accompaniment and counseling in competencies transfer to the Communal Councils.

“It is not a matter of handing over for the sake of it, or transferring for the sake of transferring competencies such as, for example, that of solid waste collection. Each transfer must be done with much rigor and accompaniment,” emphasized.

Likewise, the head of the Communes Office urged to promote, in any instance, the conformation and activation of the Communal Councils and the work committees. He added that the creation of the Tourism Committee, the Community Planning Committee, the Eco-Socialism Committee, and the Public Transportation Users Committee is currently under promotion.

In this sense, the head of the Communes Office asserted that the Popular Power in Venezuela represented by its real democracy, where many Communal Councils periodically convene their citizen’s assembly. Through their work committee, they render an account to the Assembly, an instance that, in turn, will approve the steps and plans to be followed to strengthen democracy in the territory.

“Our Communes already have characteristics in the higher territorial scope. They have some Government instances, and a parliament that is, in turn, constituted by the spokesmen and spokeswomen that the Communal Councils so define.”

The Minister assured that “President Chavez took power away from the oligarchy, but not with the spirit of fattening the State. On the contrary, the spirit that once this power in the State is handed over the people through the different channels created with the Popular Power.”

Production of school uniforms will be activated

Regarding the production and distribution of school uniforms, which was seriously affected by the economic war, he pointed out that they are trying to recover this year. In part, the installed capacity in the Communes located in the center and urban areas of Venezuela to strengthen the sewing machines and cutting machines with which they work.

He suggested that if the State buys uniforms from the Popular Power and the same Popular Power injects these resources updating and revaluating its machines. It will have comparative advantages in terms of cost. “We are sure that the People’s Power will be able to offer a greater quantity of garments, higher quality, and better prices than any capitalist businessman,” he stressed.

Communal Economic Circuit will be strengthened

Regarding the Communal Economic Circuit, Minister Arreaza pointed out that the national Executive seeks to empower and network them so that the different Social Property Companies (EPS) can reinvest part of their profits in the popular pharmacy, the mobilization of medicines, and the maintenance brigades that operate in the community.

“The Communal Economic Circuit is to reproduce life, to have funds for the Commune, the Communal Bank, the Savings Fund.” In this sense, he pointed out that “the objective of the People’s Power is not to make a profit, it is not to reproduce capital, its objective is rather to reproduce life.”

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